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Explainer: Hungary’s divine Tokaj wines

Globally revered for centuries as the source of goldenly sweet Aszú, the terrific terroir of Tokaj now flourishes anew with several extraordinary wine varieties.

Solar eclipse in Hungary: Photos

What an incredible sight! 60% of the sun covered by the moon on Friday's rare solar eclipse event. We check out how Instagram covered the event in Hungary.

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Budapest Basics

Where do locals go in Budapest?

Looking for a genuine experience? We always reaveal the hidden gems of Budapest, but here we collect the spots where locals go instead of the touristy hotspots.

Explainer: Hungary’s March 15th holiday

Honoring the day in 1848 when Magyar revolutionaries rose up against foreign oppression, Hungarians proudly observe this anniversary with colorful commemorations.

What's on in Budapest: Expat events 2015

Whether you've been living in Budapest for years or have just arrived and want to meet new people, these expat events and groups are great for doing just that!

Interesting and important Hungarian women

International Women's Day on March 8 aims to celebrate the achievements of women, we take a look at some important Hungarian women who have made significant contributions

Famous Hungarian brands

From Zwack Unicum to Pick Szeged winter salami, and from Zsolnay porcelain to Prezi we introduce some of the most well-known Hungarian brands.

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Elegant evening bags by Hungarian designers

In need of a new bag for a special party or a statement accessory to complete an outfit? We explore the workshops of Budapest's designers looking for something exquisite.

8 places to get great posters in Budapest

From historic propaganda dating back to Hungary’s communist era to ultra-modern artworks printed with green technology, wall stars await at these diverse locales.

7 karaoke bars in Budapest

Up for the kind of fun that involves some drinks and taking control of the microphone while you bust out your favourite tunes? This is the Budapest karaoke guide for you!

9 of Budapest’s best dive bars

They may not be clean and they’re certainly not classy, but all of these classic pubs have plenty of personality and a customer base of fascinating local characters.

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