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A hidden promenade comes alive in Buda

Tucked between the MOM Park mall, a historic cultural center, and a chestnut orchard, the Sirály Promenade is now a pleasant place for urban relaxation.

Surreal scenes from the night bus

People from all walks of life travel together aboard the after-hours public-transportation system of Hungary’s capital – join us for a ride on the wild side.

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Budapest Basics

Explore Margaret Island by day and night

As one of Budapest’s largest parks, this Danube isle of open space is a cherished oasis for generations of city dwellers – we point out highlights for all hours.

Survival Guide: driving laws in Hungary

We present crucial pointers for operating a motor vehicle in this country, including info about right-of-way regulations and the meanings of varied road signs.

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We Love Eating

Brunch at 360 Bar is a panoramic pleasure

Perched above it all on the rooftop of a historic building on Andrássy Avenue, 360 Bar is a popular Budapest nightspot – but Sunday afternoon is nice here, too.

Savor the new Taste of India in Óbuda

A fresh destination for Indian street food adds flavor to Budapest’s gastro scene with myriad spices and aromas wafting amid the air of a vibrant setting.

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Design, Culture & Arts

Another giant emerges at Széchenyi Square

Hungarian artist Ervin Lóránt Hervé created a second huge statue amid the open space on the Chain Bridge’s Pest side – and we get a chance to contribute to it.

Magyar Music: 8 legendary Hungarian bands

Every country has its own classic musicians, and Hungary is no exception – here are some groups to discover if you are interested in the nation’s music history.

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All of Budapest's best destinations and exciting hotspots are at your fingertips with our interactive map - check it out!

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Retox Party Hostel

1066, Budapest, Ó utca 41.

Retox Party Hostel, belonging to the Budapest Party Hostels-chain, can be regarded as the little brother of Grandio, since both venues offer basica...

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8 artfully great Hungarian craft beers

With beautiful labels and intoxicating tastes, these local brews – all available in Budapest – are just as pleasing for the eye as they are for the palate.

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