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Unmissable events in Budapest in May

A roundup of all the major events, programs, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, markets and performances that you shouldn't miss this May in Budapest.

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Budapest Basics

Explore Margaret Island by day and night

As one of Budapest’s largest parks, this Danube isle of open space is a cherished oasis for generations of city dwellers – we point out highlights for all hours.

The high-speed history of Hungaroring

See behind-the-scenes photos of Hungary’s world-class Formula 1 raceway just outside of Budapest, and learn why superstar drivers consider this as a top track.

Survival Guide: driving laws in Hungary

We present crucial pointers for operating a motor vehicle in this country, including info about right-of-way regulations and the meanings of varied road signs.

Who are the heroes of Heroes’ Square?

One of Budapest’s most prominent landmarks honors many men whose life stories had major impacts on Hungary’s history – we provide brief overviews for each of them.

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Where to Eat and Drink

Try paprika chicken prepared with panache

Hungary’s star chefs are congregating for Budapest’s eagerly anticipated Gourmet Festival to reinvent a classic regional dish – we provide a tasteful preview.

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Design, Culture & Arts

Tales and treasures - Mátyás Square 4.

This house stars in the new Hungarian film Liza, the Fox-Fairy, but we can reveal many other tales and legends about the building that we visited as part of Budapest100.

Budapest100 in photos

We're still buzzing after Budapest100 at the weekend, where we got to see some of the city's 100-year-old buildings. If you missed it, this gallery will give you a taste.

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Apacuka Café Restaurant Varieté

1065, Budapest, Nagymező utca 54-56.

The restaurant moved to the heart of Budapest, to Nagymező Street in 2012. The new venue is spacious, manifold and surprisingly inspiring. Guests c...

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9 foreigners who became heroes in Hungary

People come to this country from around the world for business and pleasure, but some also make history here – we visit the Budapest monuments that honor them.

The best skateparks in Budapest

We asked a few experts for their recommendations on the best skateboarding spots in Budapest and we've come up with 6 great spots for skaters.

I do! 7 Hungarian wedding dress designers

If you're looking for the perfect dress for your big day or if you're just curious about Budapest's bridal gown creations, check out our favourite Hungarian designers.

6 superb open-air museums around Budapest

From ancient Roman ruins to an old-time Hungarian village to a park full of huge communist statues, alfresco fascination abounds at these edifying establishments.

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