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Slide down into a major city underpass!

Today only, anyone can skip the stairs while passing beneath Budapest’s Örs vezér Square, thanks to an inflatable slide sponsored by the city’s water parks.

Interview: Matthew Murphy of the Wombats

During this past weekend’s Budapest Essentials Festival, we met the front man of this Liverpudlian band to discuss the Sziget Festival, crazy fans, and more.

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Budapest Basics

Magyar Music: 8 legendary Hungarian bands

Every country has its own classic musicians, and Hungary is no exception – here are some groups to discover if you are interested in the nation’s music history.

Explore Margaret Island by day and night

As one of Budapest’s largest parks, this Danube isle of open space is a cherished oasis for generations of city dwellers – we point out highlights for all hours.

The high-speed history of Hungaroring

See behind-the-scenes photos of Hungary’s world-class Formula 1 raceway just outside of Budapest, and learn why superstar drivers consider this as a top track.

Survival Guide: driving laws in Hungary

We present crucial pointers for operating a motor vehicle in this country, including info about right-of-way regulations and the meanings of varied road signs.

Who are the heroes of Heroes’ Square?

One of Budapest’s most prominent landmarks honors many men whose life stories had major impacts on Hungary’s history – we provide brief overviews for each of them.

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See superb Budapest cell-phone photos

High-spirited Hungarian photographer Tamás Rizsavi is shooting the city with a Huawei P8 – a new mobile with rather impressive picture-taking features.

Kezemura pottery is handmade in Budapest

Hungarian ceramicist Gábor Somoskői creates colorfully unique cups, bowls, and teapots, all crafted with fine motifs in an apartment-based workshop downtown.

Hungarian success at Cannes: Son of Saul

A starkly powerful portrait of the Holocaust by Hungarian director László Jeles Nemes earned the Grand Prix award at the world’s most prestigious film festival.

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Zing Burger Food Truck - Gozsdu udvar

1075, Budapest, Király utca 13.

Fortunately Zing Burger now has a permanent spot on the terrace of Léhűtő, in Gozsdu Udvar. Here, they wrap fresh and hot burgers for you in fake n...

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9 foreigners who became heroes in Hungary

People come to this country from around the world for business and pleasure, but some also make history here – we visit the Budapest monuments that honor them.

6 superb open-air museums around Budapest

From ancient Roman ruins to an old-time Hungarian village to a park full of huge communist statues, alfresco fascination abounds at these edifying establishments.

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