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What's on?

Budapest Essentials - Live the city!

A huge festival will soon start in Budapest, with the whole city as its location. At this event, both locals and foreigners get the chance to experience Budapest as never before.

Artistic Hungary: movies, books, and music

If you feel the need to go to the movies or pick up a book to read on the subway, check out our compilation of Hungarian art masterpieces you shouldn’t miss out on.

Budapest - the Startup Scene in the City

During the last couple of years, Budapest has definitely become one of the main startup cities in Europe. Let us just declare that the air in Budapest is impregnated with inspiration and motivation!

Budapest from an International Perspective

Our curiosity inspired us to set off on a journey to figure out what makes Budapest a desirable destination for settling down. We asked 5 outlanders, all of whom came from different parts of the world!

Starting your life in Budapest

Before moving to Budapest - Part 1

Whether you are a student, an intern, or just a traveler, and you''re expecting Budapest to become your home during the next couple of months, you had better take a few things into consideration!

Starting your life in Budapest – Part 2

Now that you’re here in Budapest, and you’ve taken care of the necessary preparations, it’s time to really start living. Check out part two of our more-than-useful tips on starting things off in the B and the P.

Fall in love with Budapest!

What to do in Budapest if you have friends visiting

Let’s face it, of course your friends love you, that’s why they are coming, but the thing is that it’s not only about you, but about them too - during their stay they expect to fall in love with Budapest.

To-dos for Budapestian rainy days

It's not that usual for Budapest to have rainy days, but it happens, and it's such a great opportunity to go out and try different things, you don't have to stay at home! Check out how you can kill some time in an enjoyable way when the rain comes down.

7 public places for secret rendezvous

You can come across two types of people in public places: those who know you, and those who have no idea who you are. In case – for whatever reason – you’re in need of a spot where you’re unlikely to bump into friends or foes, read on.

Aliens in Budapest

Aliens in Budapest - Lara from Saint Louis

After Daniel, Phil, Alyssa and Ida we would like to introduce Lara Csengody who came to Hungary mainly in search for her roots. No doubt: one of her best decisions was to come to Budapest.


Party series in Budapest

Party series are practical things in the sense that you can simply continue partying from where you left off last time. Check out the best party series Budapest has to offer.

Best of street food in Budapest

After nearly one year, the time has come that we think over how much the gastro revolution grew in Budapest. We listed our all-time oldie favourites in our year-end collection, so this time we introduce new places with some mention to familiar ones.


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