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The truth about Budapest's pigeons

When we took a look at the so-called "pigeon problem," it turned out that there's more to the birds, mocked as the "rats of the sky," than meets the eye.

Admire vintage Magyar-made motorcycles

A recently opened free exhibit showcases carefully preserved antique bikes that date back almost a century, created in Budapest with beautiful styling.

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Budapest Basics

Survival Guide: driving laws in Hungary

We present crucial pointers for operating a motor vehicle in this country, including info about right-of-way regulations and the meanings of varied road signs.

Who are the heroes of Heroes’ Square?

One of Budapest’s most prominent landmarks honors many men whose life stories had major impacts on Hungary’s history – we provide brief overviews for each of them.

Where do locals go in Budapest?

Looking for a genuine experience? We always reaveal the hidden gems of Budapest, but here we collect the spots where locals go instead of the touristy hotspots.

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Where to Eat and Drink

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Design, Culture & Arts

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I do! 7 Hungarian wedding dress designers

If you're looking for the perfect dress for your big day or if you're just curious about Budapest's bridal gown creations, check out our favourite Hungarian designers.

6 superb open-air museums around Budapest

From ancient Roman ruins to an old-time Hungarian village to a park full of huge communist statues, alfresco fascination abounds at these edifying establishments.

Top 10 things to try in Budapest

Explore a unique side of Budapest and experience the full fun of the city by trying these 10 things. Have a great adventure along the way and have many stories to tell.

Elegant evening bags by Hungarian designers

In need of a new bag for a special party or a statement accessory to complete an outfit? We explore the workshops of Budapest's designers looking for something exquisite.

8 places to get great posters in Budapest

From historic propaganda dating back to Hungary’s communist era to ultra-modern artworks printed with green technology, wall stars await at these diverse locales.

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