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Introducing the 2014/15 performance season: Trafó House

Budapest's biggest avant-garde theater opens its gates to fans of contemporary performances, exhibitions, and community programs. Among a wide range of different productions, here's what not to miss in the forthcoming season.

Introducing the 2014/15 performance season: Liszt Academy

As one of the world’s most prestigious institutions of musical education, Budapest’s Liszt Academy hosts world-class concerts in its meticulously restored Art-Nouveau performance halls – here are some upcoming highlights.

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Life in Budapest

DEZKA is a little skateboard company with big plans

Inspired by classic “banana board” styles of the ’70s, a Budapest-based group of friends created a complete line of colorful mini-skateboards that are perfect for modern-day urban living – and now the story of DEZKA is really starting to get rolling.

How to get to downtown Budapest from the airport

There are several easy ways to reach the center of Hungary’s capital from Budapest Airport, with options suitable for all budgets – we provide a thorough guide complete with photos and web links.

Rising Districts: gastro adventures on Lövőház Street

Yes, there is life in Buda, too: this time we will show you "Buda's Pozsonyi Street", also known as Lövőház Street, which was transformed into a pedestrian precinct just four years ago. Within a small stretch of this tree-lined lane, a great number of restaurants, cafés, and stores opened recently, much to the locals' delight.

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Megyeri Bridge

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Budapest, Megyeri híd

Megyeri Bridge (Megyeri híd) is Budapest's northernmost bridge, connecting the Buda- and Pest-side parts of the M0 ringroad. The modern, cable-stayed bridge that spans 1861 metres between Budakalász and Újpest was opened in 2008. As a result of an...


The best ruin pubs in Budapest – 2014 edition

From laid-back hangouts decorated with discarded furniture to modern community centers offering fine food, the selection of ruin pubs in Hungary’s capital provides something for everyone – here are our current favorites.

Upper Crust: Budapest's best pizza slices

In recent years, cheap pizza-slice stands keep popping up all over the city, and while most of them offer little more than something savory to soak up alcohol, these pizza proprietors offer pies that are a cut above.

Sightsee differently with Budapest’s alternative tours

Checking out Hungary’s capital is certainly enjoyable aboard typical tour buses, but these extraordinary excursions – from rides on chain-free bicycles to cruising in vintage vehicles – allow visitors to view landmarks amid wild larks.

Budapest's most spectacular synagogues

There are several significant Jewish temples to be found around Budapest. In this compilation, we introduce some of them, from the smallest to the largest.

Top 10 things to do in Budapest

Here's our list of the most classic experiences to be enjoyed in Hungary's capital, with some unexpected sights along the way. Whether visiting the city for a few days or a few years, don't miss these spots!

Get the Dough: savor Budapest's best lángos

With swimsuit season almost over, there's no reason to refrain from Hungary's most beloved anti-health food: lángos, a moveable feast of deep-fried dough with various toppings. Here's where to find this hearty delicacy.

Best of street food in Budapest

After nearly one year, the time has come that we think over how much the gastro revolution grew in Budapest. We listed our all-time oldie favourites in our year-end collection, so this time we introduce new places with some mention to familiar ones.


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