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Explainer: Farsang celebrations in Hungary

Like Carnival elsewhere, here Farsang celebrations are held from January 6 to Shrove Tuesday. Christian traditions mixed with pagan rituals, this period is full of fun.

What to do with 2, 3 or 5 days in Budapest

There is so much to do in Budapest, but where to begin? Whether you have a few days or much longer, these plans will help fill your trip with truly memorable experiences.

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Macho Budapest: 8 truly manly destinations

From straight-razor shaves to shooting guns to glasses of fine whisky, testosterone-rich gentlemen will find plenty of masculine attractions all around Hungary’s capital.

Hot Matches: indoor sports in Budapest

Competitive athletics isn’t only for summertime – here are a few of the city’s best enclosed climbing walls, archery ranges, tennis and squash courts, and more.

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