Nyelv kiválasztása: Magyar

What's Happening

Best on Show: top Budapest exhibits of Summer 2014

Fascinating cultural displays never go on holiday. Check out our roundup of intriguing artworks and attractive artifacts highlighted in various museums across the Magyar metropolis throughout the summertime.

Tunes Out: open-air concerts amid City Park landmarks

Amazing architecture and harmonious melodies surround audiences at a pair of outdoor performance series happening this summer within two of City Park's most iconic attractions: Vajdahunyad Castle and the Budapest Zoo.

Budapest in 100 years and 2,000 postcards

Even though the traveler's tradition of sending postcards is fading into the past, most of us still like to admire them. Now there is a private collection of 2,000 postcards exhibited – including real rarities and limited pieces – in Gozsdu Udvar.

We Love Eating

Tap into liquid energy with Roket draft coffee

Kontakt, the multifunctional café in Röser Courtyard between Astoria and Deák Square, offers a new specialty for iced-coffee lovers: from a nitrogen-driven tap flows high-quality cold coffee called Roket.

Double Takeout: Pita Pest and Pasta Bar

Not long ago, one of the most active stretches of Király Street was left with a big empty storefront. Now in the former site of Minyon, this space is filled with two street-food kitchens.

There's the beef: Budapest's best hamburgers

As Hungary's next national Burger Days are fast approaching, we gathered a list of the city's best purveyors of juicy patties, sorted into categories in order to make your bun-biting decisions easier.

Best of street food in Budapest

After nearly one year, the time has come that we think over how much the gastro revolution grew in Budapest. We listed our all-time oldie favourites in our year-end collection, so this time we introduce new places with some mention to familiar ones.

Around Budapest

Arch Support: the new face of Madách Square

For many years, one of Pest's most imposing plazas was relegated to serving as a grungy parking lot. Now Madách Square is freshly renovated to become a modern city-center meeting point - we take a look.

Explore the fun-filled wonders of Margaret Island

Budapest's most popular parkland isle has so many hidden treasures, it would take an entire summertime to discover them all. Get to know "Margitsziget" in this guide to its diverse sights and activities.

Life in Budapest

An elegy to Caesar’s

After faithfully serving the masses (almost) 24 hours a day for over a decade, a beloved dive bar in the heart of Pest shuts down when this weekend is done – we mourn the loss of this low-key local.

Kodály Körönd in flames – photo gallery

Yesterday afternoon, a historic building at District VI's Kodály Körönd caught fire, sending billows of smoke over Andrássy Avenue. We Love Budapest's photojournalists were on the scene.

Rising Districts: gastro adventures on Lövőház Street

Yes, there is life in Buda, too: this time we will show you "Buda's Pozsonyi Street", also known as Lövőház Street, which was transformed into a pedestrian precinct just four years ago. Within a small stretch of this tree-lined lane, a great number of restaurants, cafés, and stores opened recently, much to the locals' delight.


Summer Places: Budapest's best outdoor hangouts

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to leave the office dead tired at six in the evening and then look for a nice place to drink some beer or wine or cocktails, preferably not between four walls. Well, we decided to share a guide to our favorite outdoor places!


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