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3 new hotels opening soon in Budapest

We can announce three major hotel developments in Budapest that will finish in the next 2 to 3 months, further increasing the selection of accommodation available here.

Budapest Basics

Gratuity Guide: how much to tip in Hungary

We present typical tipping amounts for various service providers in Budapest and nationwide, from taxi drivers to bellhops to locker-room attendants at thermal baths.

Hungarian Oscar winners and nominees

We take a look back at the Hungarian films, and the people of Hungarian origin, that have won or been nominated for this prestigious accolade

9 reasons to study abroad in Budapest

Budapest is an increasingly popular destination for students looking to spend a semester or two studying abroad, here's why the Hungarian capital is so great for students

How much does a holiday in Budapest cost?

Ever wondered how much a weekend in Budapest really costs? PalPrices allows you to check how much your dollar, euro or pound will get you so you can budget your trip.

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