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A hidden promenade comes alive in Buda

Tucked between the MOM Park mall, a historic cultural center, and a chestnut orchard, the Sirály Promenade is now a pleasant place for urban relaxation.

Surreal scenes from the night bus

People from all walks of life travel together aboard the after-hours public-transportation system of Hungary’s capital – join us for a ride on the wild side.

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Budapest Basics

Explore Margaret Island by day and night

As one of Budapest’s largest parks, this Danube isle of open space is a cherished oasis for generations of city dwellers – we point out highlights for all hours.

Survival Guide: driving laws in Hungary

We present crucial pointers for operating a motor vehicle in this country, including info about right-of-way regulations and the meanings of varied road signs.

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We Love Eating

Brunch at 360 Bar is a panoramic pleasure

Perched above it all on the rooftop of a historic building on Andrássy Avenue, 360 Bar is a popular Budapest nightspot – but Sunday afternoon is nice here, too.

Savor the new Taste of India in Óbuda

A fresh destination for Indian street food adds flavor to Budapest’s gastro scene with myriad spices and aromas wafting amid the air of a vibrant setting.

Vintage Garden grows with The Sweet

Step into this storybook-style confectionery now open in the heart of downtown Pest, where ribbon-wrapped treats and gourmet ice cream are timelessly tasteful.

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Design, Culture & Arts

Another giant emerges at Széchenyi Square

Hungarian artist Ervin Lóránt Hervé created a second huge statue amid the open space on the Chain Bridge’s Pest side – and we get a chance to contribute to it.

Magyar Music: 8 legendary Hungarian bands

Every country has its own classic musicians, and Hungary is no exception – here are some groups to discover if you are interested in the nation’s music history.

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All of Budapest's best destinations and exciting hotspots are at your fingertips with our interactive map - check it out!

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Party hostel

Instant Groove Hostel

1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 28.

Pure hustle and bustle in the heart of District VI in Budapest. Instant, the most popular “underground” club of the city, opened its own hostel on ...

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8 artfully great Hungarian craft beers

With beautiful labels and intoxicating tastes, these local brews – all available in Budapest – are just as pleasing for the eye as they are for the palate.

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