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Jamie Oliver to open a Budapest restaurant

We’ll have to wait until next spring for Jamie’s Italian, which will replace Hadik restaurant in the Buda Castle to exclusively serve the British chef’s dishes.

Rumor has it there’s a speakeasy in town

The 20s, prohibition. Speakeasies were the only places the fun loving crowd could get inebriated in secret. What if we told you there's a spot like that here in Budapest?

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Budapest Basics

How to get to downtown Budapest from the airport

There are several easy ways to reach the center of Hungary’s capital from Budapest Airport, with options suitable for all budgets – we provide a thorough guide complete with photos and web links.

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All of Budapest's best destinations and exciting hotspots are at your fingertips with our interactive map - check it out!

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Hosszúlépés. Járunk?

1051 Budapest, Sas utca 15.

Why choose Hosszúlépés? Because they are constantly looking for novelties, while also exploring the past. Hosszúlépés. Járunk? does not simply intr...

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His and Hers: unisex fashion in Budapest

If you like wearing your boyfriend’s sweater, or don’t mind carrying around your girlfriend’s backpack, you’ll love these stylish pieces by Magyar designers.

9 fine dog-friendly hotels in Budapest

Don’t leave your furry friend behind when taking a trip to Hungary’s capital – numerous high-quality providers of varied accommodations welcome pets as guests.

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