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03/01/2023 5.00pm

The big Christmas feasts are over, the stuffed cabbage, the turkey, and the bejgli are all gone. But instead of returning to business as usual, January is just the perfect time to give your immune system a little boost and cleanse your body and mind. Good quality, healthy food with lots of greens, fruits, fibre, and excellent meats and fish are essential for this. We've rounded up eight places to replenish your energy and vitamin stores.

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The Juiceline


1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 20.

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It is one of the most professional juice shops we have ever been to, and that includes Europe and overseas. Nikolett Horváth's juice bar on Nádor Street is both beautiful and incredibly high quality. In addition, you can buy a whole cleansing treatment, not just a drink to go for a momentary boost. Their 400-ml-bottle of colourful liquid energy can contain up to 1.5 kg of raw vegetables/fruits, and all the ingredients are certified organic.

WLB tip: 374 Be free, 2041 Wild Plum, Shot number 3 

Photo: Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest

Fű Juice Bar


1024 Budapest, Retek utca 5.

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Whether you're on the Pest or the Buda side, feel free to step on (or rather into) the (meaning "grass"). You can choose from a selection of strictly cold-pressed juices made from seasonal ingredients currently available on the market. Three ladies are behind the brand, and they claim that juice is their love language. We wouldn't argue with that, as they offer delicious and exciting mixtures. Their 'detox' cleanse is a 3-day course of 6 juices, including shots and drinks of 3 or 5 dls.

WLB tip: Csipkerózsika (Sleeping Beauty), Grappa, Amerika Kapitánya (Captain America)

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Tökmag Vegan Street Food


1136 Budapest, Hollán Ernő utca 5.


With a healthy and balanced street food selection, Tökmag on Hollán Ernő Street is a place for those who follow a whole-food plant-based diet. There is no dish that isn't compatible with this lifestyle. Their sandwiches, burgers, and cream soups rock, they really do fill in a market gap in the city. Visit them for breakfast, lunch, or snack if you're heading to Újlipótváros.

WLB tip: satay burger, vegan seasoned cottage cheese sandwich

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1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 10

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It was 2014 when Hokedli arrived onto Nagymező Street. Since then, the cosy vegetable stew bar has built up a real fan base, because who doesn't love tasty, fresh, seasonal vegetable stews that'll even encourage you keep your New Year's resolutions? Food allergies are taken into account, and there are all kinds of alternatives. But what's really great about Hokedli is the experimentation, the extra flavour combinations, and the cool techniques. They don't use flour thickening here, they cook in a completely reformed way.

WLB tip: their current offer is always changing, but we highly recommend the herb vegetable stews

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Ohana Poké Bowl Budapest


1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 10.


The trend for rich Hawaiian salad bowls, or poké bowls, came a little late to our country, but we're all the more grateful for it. In addition to its creations, Ohana on Kazinczy Street leaves it up to the customer to pick and choose, which is very helpful for those on special diets or sensitive to certain dishes. All the ingredients are super fresh and delicious, we know exactly what goes into the lavishly packed plate.

WLB tip: Big island bowl

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1117 Budapest, Október huszonharmadika utca 8–10.


“Health kitchen.” This pretty much sums up the Greenhabit in the 11th district. The place, which is also a popular breakfast spot, uses top-quality ingredients for its delicacies, which include bowls and salads. But you can also assemble your own plate, with or without meat. One of their biggest hits is the gluten-free flatbread, with a sweet potato base.

WLB tip: pumpkin–beluga bowl, pesto flatbread

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Açaí Fever


1052 Budapest, Régi posta utca 7–9.


In winter, it's particularly difficult to get enough juicy, fibrous fruit, but fortunately, Açaí Fever is here to help you out. Named after the dark purple Brazilian super berry, it's a quick way to replenish your vitamin stores, and spooning up the colourful little bowls is like a trip to summer and sunny weather. It's up to you whether you want to indulge in sweeter or more natural, fruity combinations, but there's no doubt that your daily intake of vitamins and fibre will be covered.

WLB tip: The Perfect Mess

Photo: Tesztevők

Tahina Bite


1077 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 2.


If you're starving in the area of Astoria and adhere to the unwritten rules of conscious eating, the Middle Eastern street food bar on Wesselényi Street is the ideal choice. It's a fully plant-based, vegan place that has become popular for the speed and casualness of classic fast food while offering super delicious bites. The Tahina Bite is practically where poké bowl meets falafel in the most effortless way.

WLB tip: purple vitamin bomb, Spice it up! bowl

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