Step back in time at Budapest's historic Centrál Café, which reopened two years ago. This iconic spot offers a true journey to the elegant world of turn-of-the-century Grand Cafés. But fear not, history buffs – Centrál Café boasts clever modern touches too. It boasts a stunning interior, one of the most atmospheric terraces in the city centre, warm and friendly service, and a delectable menu featuring classic café fare alongside tempting new creations. And Centrál Café has just upped their game: they've got a whole new menu with delicious food and drinks, plus fancy cocktails that fit right in with the classic cafe vibe. They even have special coffees and live music in the mornings!

Here's the best part: breakfast is now served all day at the café, so anyone craving an unforgettable brunch experience must make a stop here. They have a special Eggs Benedict menu with unique flavours you won't find anywhere else in Hungary.

Where literary history meets modern buzz

Centrál Café boasts a rich literary past, having served as a meeting place and publisher for iconic Hungarian writers like Endre Ady and Dezső Kosztolányi, as well as a publishing house for newspapers – including the very first Hungarian literary journal Újhold (New Moon). Reopened in 2022, it doesn't just pay lip service to its history. Step inside and be transported back to the golden age of Grand Cafés, soaking up the inspiring atmosphere of a bygone era. 

A hub for all

Whether you're a local or a visitor, the Centrál Café welcomes you with open arms. It's become a lively social hub for Budapest residents and a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience a true grand café. From live music mornings (10 am to 2 pm) to bustling conversation over coffee in the afternoon, and elegant dinners accompanied by piano and violin after 6 pm, the Centrál Café offers something for everyone.

Also, the Café boasts one of the most atmospheric terraces in Budapest's city centre. When the weather's nice, you can bask in some sunshine and city buzz while enjoying your meal. But even on cooler days, the experience is delightful. The café's large windows open wide, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors, allowing you to feel part of the vibrant city scene.

Royal breakfasts all-day

They say 'Eat breakfast like a king!,' and at Centrál Café, you can do exactly that – all day long! Leading the culinary charge is Chef Ádám Ványik, whose impressive experience in fine dining, street food, and events translates into a delicious menu.

One of Centrál Café's unique offerings is a menu dedicated entirely to Eggs Benedict variations. This iconic dish gets a modern twist with seven delicious options. We tried the 'king of breakfasts' – the steak Benedict, alongside the intriguing aubergine and shakshuka version with Arabic influences. And we also sampled the French-inspired mushroom Benedict.

Elevate your brunch with a sophisticated cocktail! While Mimosa is a classic choice for the brunch, Centrál Café offers more adventurous options. Our top pick was the refreshing Grandchello with limoncello, prosecco, and pomegranate juice, but the martini and gin & tonic selections are also worth exploring.

Beyond breakfast: coffee, classics & sweet treats

Centrál Café offers all the classic brews but also boasts exciting extras. Intrigued by the orange Melange et fleur d'orangier? Perhaps the Mint choco chip or maple-infused Nitro is more your style? Each coffee comes with a literary quote, adding a touch of intellectual whimsy from the Queen, David Bowie, or John Lennon, as well as Hungarian literary figures.

Move beyond breakfast with Centrál Café's extensive menu. Savour classic dishes like the vegetarian mushroom Stroganoff, French boeuf bourguignon, or American favourites like hamburgers and club sandwiches. Italy joins the party with bruschetta and burrata.

Indulge your cravings with fluffy chocolate pancakes for breakfast or visit the spectacular dessert bar showcasing the artistry of Judit Takács. 

A modern take on the Hungarian classic, mákos guba (poppy seed bread pudding), is a must-try. But be prepared for a surprise – theirs gets flambéed with brandy and apricot jam, leaving us speechless! Of course, the classic madártej (floating island – a dessert consisting of meringue floating on vanilla custard) is featured on the menu, and for a truly decadent experience, explore the Chocolate Trilogy with its gilded glaze.

The Grand Café experience

Centrál Café is more than just a meal – it's an immersive experience, which we think you should try on your next Budapest trip. High ceilings, expansive windows, gleaming mirrors, and plush seating create a sophisticated ambience. Custom-designed elements and lush greenery add a touch of modern flair.

Whether you crave a timeless Grand Café atmosphere, an all-day breakfast, or simply a coffee, pastry, or cocktail break, Centrál Café is a good place to be! 

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Centrál Grand Café & Bar

Founded in 1887, the Centrál Café is one of the oldest coffeehouses in Budapest