Time Out Market Budapest is set to open in 2025 in the city's oldest department store. It will be home to the city’s best culinary and cultural talents –from award-winning to up-and-coming.

Time Out Market is dedicated to showcasing the best of the city, just like the popular publication behind it. It's a quality mark for a curated mix of the most outstanding local and home-grown chefs, restaurateurs, drinks and cultural experiences. You could have sampled its unique atmosphere and offers in Lisbon (being the very first Time Out Market location), New York, or Dubai, but by 2025, Budapest will also be home to this culinary and cultural experience. This will be Time Out Market's first location in Hungary

Time Out Market Budapest is set to open in the city's oldest department store, Corvin Palace at Blaha Lujza tér, which has recently been renovated back to its original neoclassical state and redeveloped as a mixed-use real estate property offering retail, leisure and a hotel. Across around 25,000 sq ft indoors on the first floor and a further 9,000 sq ft outdoors on the rooftop, the market will feature 14 kitchens, four bars, one event space and around 800 seats. There will be plenty of space to celebrate outstanding culinary and cultural talents – all of them will be local and home-grown from Budapest and the wider region. Guests will be able to enjoy food from award-winning chefs, much-loved local gems and up-and-coming restaurateurs, sip a variety of drinks including cocktails from the most creative mixologists and experience culture and entertainment from rising local talents.

Time Out Market's philosophy is to make people feel a close connection with a city and to make top culinary and cultural experiences accessible for all. So at its markets, guests can come together at communal tables in a uniquely designed space. To curate a Time Out Market, the team will come up with a list of the types of cuisines that make a city the vibrant culinary destination it is to then curate a list of the leading, most exciting and most aspirational local representatives in these cuisines. Part of this process is to try and test to find the best of the city right now and then invite the very best to join. But this is not just about 'big names'; the city's up-and-coming chefs and much-loved local gems will also be proudly featured.

Sandy Hayek, Time Out Market CEO said: 'Budapest is amongst Europe's most beautiful and buzzy cities in which both locals and tourists love to go out – to open a new Time Out Market in one of the city's top locations, together with our partners in Budapest, is very exciting for us. The food scene is a great reflection of the city itself: Budapest offers both traditional, classic and modern, hip elements – it has a vibrant and diverse food scene which we will bring together under one roof at Time Out Market Budapest.'

Source: Time Out

(Cover photo: Time Out Market)