La Liste, the prestigious French gastro guide picked Budapest's Chez Dodo as one of the world's best up-and-coming pastry gems. This downtown confectionery is famed for its mouthwatering macarons, which are now officially a must-try.

As Forbes Magazine has just spotted, a beloved Hungarian pastry shop has earned a spot on the esteemed La Liste. Chez Dodo, a macaron lover's paradise located in the heart of Budapest, is now the proud winner of the Pastry Discovery Gem Award. The award highlights hidden or lesser-known bakeries, tea rooms, and dessert restaurants that are well worth the detour.

Chez Dodo was dreamed up by Dóra Szalai, who ventured all the way to Paris the learn the tricks of pastry making. Her shop, nestled near the Basilica, is now celebrating its 10th birthday and has become a must for macaron aficionados. The counter is always brimming with delicious sweets, but it's not only the macarons that are eye candy. The takeaway boxes are so beautifully designed that you might find it hard to ever throw them away.

La Liste offers 'the world's best restaurant and hotel selection at your fingertips wherever you go, based on the compilation of thousands of publications, hundreds of guidebooks, and millions of online reviews, so this award is a true recognition.' See what they say about Chez Dodo.

Chez Dodo, a charming pastry shop near St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest, is the brainchild of young talent Dora Szalai. After mastering the art of macaron making in Paris, Szalai began crafting these delicate confections for friends and colleagues while working as an account manager. As demand grew, Szalai partnered with her friend Peter Vary to open Chez Dodo. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2024, the shop is a testament to Szalai's dedication and creativity, featuring bold and innovative macaron flavors like the Jardin des Sens collection. Szalai's handcrafted macarons, which are made in an open kitchen in full view of customers and passersby, have become a symbol of Chez Dodo's commitment to quality and creativity, providing a taste of Paris in the heart of Budapest.

Check out the full list of the winners here.

(Cover photo: Balazs Glodi)


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It has only been a few years since the owner of Chez Dodo