The hottest festivals in and around Budapest are about to kick off, and you won't want to miss out! From pulsating techno vibes to chart-topping pop acts, here's the ultimate guide to the season's must-attend events.

1. Kolorádó

Launched in 2016, Kolorádó Festival has become an essential part of the Budapest summer scene. While it might have outgrown its ‘small festival' label, it still retains a medium-sized feel. But what truly sets Kolorádó apart is its unique atmosphere. Forget endless scrolling and social media updates – this festival is all about enjoying the music and connecting with people. There's a real focus on having fun, with attendees dancing and chatting instead of glued to their phones. This year's lineup is particularly exciting, featuring Red Axes (performing two nights!), Nicola Cruz, Blawan, Sedef Adasi, and Hungarian favourites Carson Coma, Analog Balaton, and Krúbi.

  • Location: Nagykovácsi, Sztrilich Pál Scout Park
  • Date: 3-6 July
  • Ticket prices: pass – HUF 48,900, two-day passes – HUF 27,900-38,900, daily tickets – HUF 15,900-19,900 
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2. Duna-part Feszt

Get ready to party for 3 days on the picturesque banks of the Danube in Ráckeve at Duna-part Feszt! This lively festival boasts 3 stages with a mainstream music line-up, perfect for those who enjoy popular acts. While there's no camping available directly on the festival grounds, excellent public transport connections make it easy to get back and forth from Budapest each night. Alternatively, there's a campsite located just 15 minutes away in Ráckeve if you prefer a more festival-style stay.

  • Location: the park of the Savoyai Castle, Ráckeve
  • Date: 4-6 July
  • Ticket prices: pass – HUF 28,690, daily ticket – HUF 13,590 
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3. Bánkitó Festival

Nestled in the charming village of Bánk, Bánkitó Festival takes place right by the picturesque lake, with a campsite nearby for a truly immersive experience. This festival, sometimes known as the ‘biggest small festival in the country'(though it has certainly grown beyond its small beginnings!), offers a diverse program that goes far beyond just music. Expect a vibrant mix of live music (including acts like Elefánt, Hundred Sins, Dé:Nash, Freakin' Disco, 6363, Дeva, and the Mayberian Sanskülotts), film screenings, theatre performances, visual arts displays, and even dedicated children's activities and a civic presence. 

  • Location: Bánk, Lake Bánki
  • Date: 10-13 July
  • Ticket prices: season ticket – HUF 52,500, HUF daily ticket – 19,600 
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 4. Bass Paradise

Get ready for three days of earth-shaking bass at Bass Paradise! This electrifying festival goes beyond your typical electronic music event, putting the spotlight firmly on pounding basslines and driving drum beats. It's a full-on sonic assault, perfect for those who crave a truly immersive experience. This year's lineup boasts some of the biggest names in bass music, including Subtronics, Friction, Modestep, Shiverz, and Kompany. So, if you're looking for a festival that will get your heart racing and your body moving, Bass Paradise is the place to be. 

  • Location: Törökbálint
  • Date: 11-13 July
  • Ticket prices: pass – HUF 44,990, daily ticket – HUF 13,990-22,990
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 5. Katlan Festival

Underground electronic music festivals are known for their unique locations, and Katlan Festival takes the cake! Nestled in the Öreghegy quarry near Tárnok, this festival offers a truly unforgettable setting. The venue itself is a fascinating blend of modern vibes (reflected in the music) and a rugged, almost prehistoric atmosphere. This year's lineup is sure to impress even the most discerning electronic music fan. Headliners include the one-and-only Tommy Cash, the legendary Infected Mushroom, and rising stars like Andrey Pushkarev, Technical Hitch, and Oxidaksi. But that's not all – a whole host of other talented artists will be taking the stage, making Katlan Festival a must-attend for any underground electronic music enthusiast. 

  • Location: Tárnok Quarry
  • Date: 12–14 July
  • Ticket prices: pass – HUF 24,990-29,990, two-day ticket – HUF 17,990-19,990, daily tickets – HUF 9,900-11,990 
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6. Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival needs no introduction. As one of the biggest festivals in Hungary and all of Europe, it's a bucket list experience for many. But what truly sets Sziget apart is its incredible diversity. This year's lineup is no exception, boasting a mind-blowing range of artists that cater to every musical taste. From chart-topping pop stars like Kylie Minogue and Liam Gallagher to underground favourites like Fontaines D.C. and Yard Act, Sziget has it all. Think ‘unashamed mainstream' to ‘deep underground' – and everything in between! There's also much more than just music to discover at the Óbuda Island. Expect a full programme of performances, art installations, and cultural experiences

  • Location: Óbuda Island (Hajógyári Island)
  • Date: 7–12 August
  • Ticket prices: pass – HUF 119,900, three-day ticket – HUF 99,900, daily ticket – HUF 32,900
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7. Folkpark

Folkpark is a one-day festival dedicated to celebrating the vibrant traditions of Hungary. Also known as the Táncházfesztivál (lit. ‘dance house', a folk dance event aimed to revive Hungarian folk music and dance traditions), this lively event promises a full day of cultural immersion. While details about this year's lineup haven't been released yet, last year's festival boasted an impressive roster of performers, giving you a great idea of what to expect. With three dedicated dance floors, you'll have plenty of space to show off your moves or learn some traditional Hungarian steps. And don't worry about working up an appetite! A folk pub will be on hand throughout the day to keep your energy levels high with delicious Hungarian fare. 

  • Location: Budapest Park
  • Date: 15 August
  • Ticket prices: HUF 1,999-2,499
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+1 INOTA Focus: Turbinacsarnok

INOTA Focus returns this year, albeit on a smaller scale compared to last year. This one-day techno event takes place at the unique Inota Thermal Power Plant, located just a two-hour drive from Budapest (though outside Pest County). While the distance might be slightly further than in previous years, the industrial setting is more than worth the trip. Prepare to be transported by the raw energy of the venue and the pulsating techno beats. This year's headliner is the renowned Ben Frost, but the party doesn't stop there. Expect to see some familiar faces behind the decks, including Alpha Tracks and Boston 168, ensuring a night of unforgettable techno.

  • Location: Inota Thermal Power Plant
  • Date: 12–13 July
  • Ticket prices: daily ticket – HUF 12,800 
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(Cover photo: Rockstar Photographers)