Budapest's beauty unfolds from these breathtaking viewpoints. Craving a scenic stroll? Here are some options.

1. Citadel

Despite the Citadel's current renovations (check before you go!), Gellért Hill offers a feast for the eyes. Climb to the Liberty Statue for the most iconic panorama, or explore other vantage points (such as the Philosophers's Garden) and terraces along the hillside for equally stunning cityscapes. 

2. Buda Castle

Rivalling Gellért Hill, Buda Castle stands proudly on the Danube, boasting panoramic cityscapes. Explore various lookout points throughout the castle district, or for a truly unique perspective, head to the dome of the Hungarian National Gallery. The entrance fee grants access to the museum's treasures, but the breathtaking panorama from the dome is a reward in itself. 

3. MOL Tower

While the MOL Tower might not be everyone's cup of tea architecturally, it offers an undeniable perk: a sky-high vantage point! Ascend to the observation deck (for a fee, of course) and be mesmerized by the sprawling cityscape unfolding beneath you. The panoramic views are a worthy compensation for the climb. 

4. BalloonFly, City Park

Soar above the city for a unique perspective! Take a 5-minute tethered balloon ride from Mimosa Hill near Széchenyi Baths. Float 150 metres above Budapest for breathtaking panoramic views, then gently descend in another 5 minutes. This unforgettable experience comes at a cost, but the memories will be priceless. Fun fact: BalloonFly pays homage to Budapest's ballooning heritage, mirroring the Ballon Captif launched at the National Millennium Exhibition in 1896. 

5. Budapest Eye

Enjoy panoramic city views from the heart of Budapest! Though Budapest may not have a permanent funfair, the Budapest Eye Ferris wheel on Erzsébet tér offers a delightful alternative. While not reaching the heights of other options, it provides a fun experience with a touch of romantic charm. Unlike a balloon ride, you simply hop aboard and let the Budapest Eye whisk you up for stunning vistas. 

6. Elizabeth Lookout Tower

Venture slightly beyond the city centre for another scenic viewpoint. The Elizabeth Lookout, nestled on János Hill near Normafa, offers stunning vistas. Take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a scenic chairlift ride to reach the lookout. Here, you can admire the cityscape with the naked eye, or get an even closer look through the provided professional telescopes

(Cover photo: Medgyesi Milán - We Love Budapest)