We are huge fans of hidden and intimate spots where we can retreat with family, friends, spouses, or even alone. If you share the feeling, read on as we unveil our favourite secret gardens and courtyards in the city. From a bookshop to a café in the party district and a high-end restaurant in the Buda Castle, expect lush locations hiding beyond fences where you can spend the afternoon or evening beneath canopies and twinkling lights.



The 40-year-old Pierrot has welcomed celebrities such as Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, and Hungarian actors Dezső Garas and Miklós Jancsó. It is nestled in the Castle District and boasts a long history. The bourgeois atmosphere is enhanced by the gardens of the monumental building: the walls, which date back to the 13th century, are lush with greenery. We can’t imagine a more ideal setting for a romantic dinner, a big announcement, or an anniversary. This garden is flawless! 


Anyám szerint

You’re walking down the noisy Wesselényi utca in the party district and spot a lovely, romantic café suggesting breakfast and coffee. You wouldn’t think for a moment that a few steps in, you would be dropped into the sweet little courtyard of a grandmother who’s partly from the city, partly from the countrysideBut that’s the case in Anyám szerint, where a chunk of the inner courtyard has been turned into a lovely polka-dotted patio where birds sing and time slows down. 


Bereg Embassy Bar & Cafe

Hattyúház (Swan House) is a controversial building close to Széll Kálmán tér. But Bereg, stretching in its courtyard, is definitely not. It is loved by locals and almost all of Buda. The building’s organic architecture is enchanting, which you can enjoy in the summer and winter (thanks to a nice set of igloos). They are just as happy to make you a vibrant orange Aperol Spritz as they are to pour you one of their craft beers. In addition, they offer comfort food, including Balkan grills, burgers, and Berliner’s favourite Currywurst.


Bobo Restaurant

The gorgeous Haris Park, home to the Bobo Restaurant, is a hidden gem along with its well-manicured garden. It is close to the shopping mall Mammut, but when scooting along on tram 4 or 6 or wandering around the mall, most people have no idea what an elegant park awaits a stone's throw away. This neo-Renaissance villa, where Sissi (Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary) once waltzed, is now part of history as the home of the Member’s Gun Club of Budapest. Spending time in this majestic Buda garden is a fancy experience, almost taking you back to a time one only finds in books. 


Pavillon de Paris

Víziváros ('Watertown') is a historical part of Buda, and its main street Fő utca is not quiet and sluggish either. That is why it is such a contrast to enter the majestic courtyard of the Pavillon de Paris, a relatively quiet oasis (the only noise is that of spoons and forks), where international cuisine prevails, but French basics are essential. This garden is impressive in daylight, but the evening ambience is perhaps even more fabulous.



Walking on Király utca, you wouldn’t necessarily think that the Három Rózsa-ház (Three Roses House) is hiding something from you, but it does. Look out for Arioso, a 20-year-old brand synonymous with beautifully cut flowers and impressive bouquets. Many people in Budapest come to them upon a special occasion. But they also prepare brunches and brew coffee, which can be enjoyed in the courtyard. This shady and quiet courtyard is a real oasis and a romantic place in the sometimes crowded Király utca.


Massolit Books & Café

Same area, different shop: an alternative coffee house and bookshop, Massolit has long been a big favourite. They offer a proper cultural space (with English events) in the more party-oriented part of the 7th district. It is frequented by enthusiastic students, acclaimed writers, and language teachers hungry for novelties. But practically everyone who likes to read and drink coffee will be familiar with the café. Once inside, most guests still have no idea about the chilled garden hiding in the back, offering mini-cubicles, chairs and tables where you can let go of all your problems, read and sip your espresso.


Havana Salsa Bar & Restaurant

Once Fészek Művészklub, now Havana, this inner garden is a must. It is a Cuban dance patio, a pulsating bar that will draw you in even if you’re not a big salsa fan. It’s loud and exuberant, and the crowd comes here to dance and enjoy cocktails, Cuban food, and grilled dishes. Whether or not this world appeals to us, it’s worth spending an evening here.


Bálint Gallery Café

If there is such a thing as a cultural caféBálint Gallery Café is exactly that. It consists of a basement and a small but charming garden, nestled in a villa in the 2nd district, a bit deeper in Buda. Owner Bálint Lacza puts his heart and soul into his business, which is mirrored in the friendships and connections forged here. It is a haven for a beer or a coffee. This garden is bliss to come any time: slowed-down vibes and thoughtful service await.


A Kert Bisztró

Zugló is a refreshing place to venture to from downtown Budapest. First, City Park is here, and second, you can bump into restaurants with adorable gardens, such as A Kert Bisztró. Once a wine house, now a family-run restaurant with a name (kert means garden) that implies a backyard, this idyllic spot embodies everything you could wish for in a summer restaurant. It’s fancy but also relaxed, and romantic when you need it. The lawn is beautiful, the roses are fragrant, and the hedges are brimming with hedgehogs. A glass of good wine, a plate full of delicious food – do you need more?



Alessio is an oldie but goodie on the Buda side, a cosy, homely spot that shoots for simple but impeccable Italian cuisine, with a lush little garden and a charming indoor area. Since 2010, it has been a staple of Italian gastronomy in Budapest, a restaurant we like to visit when we want to escape the buzzing city, but travelling is just out of reach. Milan and Trieste are a long way off, but if you fancy a fritto misto or a good cacio e pepe pasta, Alessio’s summer garden is the place to go!


+1 Fresh garden

Fresh garden is located in the suburbs, the 18th district, but you can easily approach it from the ever-vibrant Üllői út. If you are willing to take the longer ride, you will be greeted by locals, a lush garden, cosy furniture, warm hospitality, and natural shade. You might assume there is less need for gardens in a neighbourhood of detached houses, but that is nonsense! Suburban residents like to hang out with their neighbours over wine spritzers and ice cream just as much as downtown people. It’s a refreshing place, no wonder so many people love it.