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The best food courts in Budapest for alfresco bites

Fancy some delicious treats alfresco in the summer? Thanks to the food courts, the opportunity is open to everyone. The best thing about the concept is that it’s finally a place where people with different diets can eat together at a fair price. And if you are only after a quick bite between two events or on the way to a party, this is also the place to be. So let’s see where you, a burger addict with a vegan friend or a sweet tooth with a savoury-loving pal, can grab quality street food in Budapest.



Some places seem to have always been part of the city. Karaván is one of them, turning 10 this year. In the heart of the party district, on Kazinczy utca, this food court welcomes larger groups for a good meal without all the fuss. Karaván offers a selection of about 10 gastro spots, which you can nibble on under umbrellas or the quieter garden area at the back. They feature chimney cake, goulash, lángos, Zing burgers, Las Vegans’ vegan dishes, Crunchy chicken dishes, cocktails, and Mexican and Italian flavours. And alongside all that, there’s room for art, too.


Budapest Garden

Budapest Garden, on the Buda side, right across from Margaret Island, spoils us with an array of street food. Whether you are vegan, a proper carnivore, a BBQ addict, or lactose-intolerant, you will find something delicious to eat. We were ecstatic that Őrház BBQ relocated here from outside Budapest, smoking authentic, Texas-styled BBQ ribs and pork belly every weekend. Then you have Láng Fánk at the foot of the gigantic tower, offering doughnuts and lángos (Hungarian deep-fried dough topped with sour cream and cheese) in different variations, including gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan options. Kolbice by Kobe is all about grilled sausages, serving the meat inside a special cone-shaped bread. Paneer combines quality cheese and breadcrumbs to create vegetarian burgers, while you can count on Deep Burger for classic burgers. (x)


Miamor - Római-part

For decades, Római-part (a haven for those craving chilled riverside vibes in the city) has been full of laid-back spots for larger groups to grab a bite outdoors. At Miamor, this is jazzed up by games and sports, not to mention a veritable paradise for children, complete with a pirate ship on the playground. There are regular sports broadcasts, so while the kids play, Dad can keep one eye on the screen, and Mum can relax, too. And the whole family can enjoy a wide range of delicious treats, from cocktails and cold drinks to ice cream, pho soup, and Las Vegans burgers. 



Közhely is like a hidden gem on busy Kolosy tér, where 3 food trucks, a bar, and a slower and greener atmosphere await. The most pleasant part of the food court is its shaded side terrace, where even the noise from the trams is reduced. They feature Che Che burgers, Meraki gyros, lángos from Fecsketető, and cool drinks from the bar.



Dürer Kert is a popular concert venue, an alternative music paradise. It turned 15 years old this year, so you would not be wrong to call it an icon. And yet, it is featured in a list of food courts. That's because that is part of the package here. Since it moved to a new location on the edge of BudaPart, they upped their gastronomy and have added four food stalls so far. You can taste delicious Periferico pizzas and Billog burgers, with more treats coming soon. It offers a nice mix of music and food, making the longer travel time worth it.


Eastwin Square

Fresh and new, Eastwin Square is a small but varied Asian food court on the city's outer edges (in Kőbánya), close to Budapest's Chinatown. It has 12 food stalls, all unified in their look, but offering something different. There’s a pretty strong barbecue line, with a wide variety of grill skewers, from the simplest lamb to chicken, all with extra seasoning. If you fancy a hot soup or maybe a wok, you can find them here, too. Then you can wash the savoury dishes down with cool, sweet bubble teas. It is a neat place where even the most sceptical can relax (it’s much cleaner than the classic Asian street food scene). With music and other cultural events, Eastwin seems to have officially entered Budapest's gastro scene.


Hello Buda

Hello Buda is a food court in hilly Buda where life never stops. Be it summer or winter, the place has something to offer: hot drinks, special events, and even an ice skating rink. Long summer days are complete with a terrace, great atmosphere, a bar and 6 food stalls. You can taste top-notch street food such as burgers from Bp BARbq, the iconic fried meats from Buja Disznó(k), and Italian delicacies from Pizza Sztori. Hello Buda also hosts events and themed nights.


+1 Botellón Terasz

The Spanish word botellón describes the spontaneous gathering on the streets, where alcohol is involved. This vibrant atmosphere has been brought to you by Botellón Terasz: they host mini-festivals in the courtyard of the Museum of Electric Engineering in the party district. This year’s events gave us an insight into African and Mexican culture and gastronomy, as well as the world of spirits, and in August, we will be treated to the fantastic flavours of France.


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