Lángos, this deep-fried flatbread, known for its irresistible savoury flavour and satisfyingly oily texture, is typically topped with a delicious sour cream, cheese, and garlic trifecta. More than just a food, it's a cultural icon. A permanent fixture at bustling markets and sunny beaches, it's deeply woven into the fabric of Hungarian life. And guess what? We love it just as much as you do! That's why we've compiled a guide to Budapest's 6 best lángos spots, ensuring you experience this Hungarian treasure in all its glory.

1. Lángos Land

Budapest's Fény utca Market is a buzzing spot on the Buda side, a must-visit for foodies. It also holds a delicious secret: Lángos Land, ruling the roost when it comes to irresistible lángos in the area! This stall has become a haven for anyone craving a taste of this Hungarian classic while shopping. Be prepared for a happy queue – the long lines on weekends starting at 10 am, which is no surprise: their lángos are unlike any other; light, soft, flaky, and melting in the mouth. You can find a generous amount of crowd-favourite toppings, ensuring a flavour explosion in every bite. Considering Buda's pricing (which always feels higher than in Pest), Lángos Land offers a fair deal. The plain lángos is HUF 1,250, while a cheese and cream version rings up to HUF 2,200 –  both massive and perfect for sharing. You can also go for the stuffed lángos or add extra ham, bacon, or even cabbage (a rare find!) to create your own customized masterpiece.

  • Price: from HUF 1,250
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2. Jászai Gourmet Lángos

A new lángos spot emerged near Jászai Mari tér 1,5 years ago, taking a unique approach to this Hungarian classic. While they offer the traditional cheese-cream-garlic option, their specialty lies in adventurous creations featuring unexpected ingredients. Be prepared for a bit of a wait, as these lángos are crafted with care. They draw inspiration from global flavours: think Spanish-style lángos with chorizo and salami, Italian takes with prosciutto and pesto, or French-inspired options with brie and artichokes. They even offer a four-cheese version reminiscent of pizza. We opted for something outside the cheese-and-cream norm – the Bretagne lángos featuring black garlic textures, garlic water, and fleur de sel. These lángos are a departure from the typical market fare – smaller in size, crispier, and drier in texture. Perfect if you're looking for something different than the usual fluffy lángos. Naturally, these gourmet creations come at a premium compared to market prices. However, they offer basic takeaway lángos under HUF 1,000 if you're craving a more traditional option. Vegan versions with allergy-friendly toppings are also available for an extra charge. And to satisfy your sweet tooth after your savoury adventure, they offer doughnuts for dessert.

  • Price: Takeaway from HUF 899, gourmet lángos (to eat on the spot) from HUF 1,900
  • Find out more here.

3. Hunyadi tér Market Hall

Step back in time and experience a slice of Budapest's retro charm at the Hunyadi tér Market Hall in the 6th district. This beloved lángos stall, a fixture since 2012, offers a delightful combination of taste and ambience. Forget greasy deep-fried dough! Here, you'll find lángos made to perfection. The texture is a delightful mix of soft and crunchy, ensuring a satisfying bite with every mouthful. While their lángos takes centre stage, they also offer delicious pancakes for those seeking a sweeter option. And don't forget to try their tea, a favourite among customers for its refreshing taste. Owner Csaba Hegedűs brings a wealth of experience, having honed his skills at the prestigious Hilton Hotel before opening this stall. His dedication to quality and authenticity has made Hunyadi tér a household name, attracting both locals and visitors seeking their first taste of Hungarian lángos. Compared to pricier city centre options, Hunyadi Square Market Hall offers a haven for wallet-conscious foodies. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere that's becoming increasingly rare in Budapest. Whether you're a local or a tourist, Hunyadi tér Market Hall offers a unique and delicious experience that's sure to leave you wanting more.

  • Price: from HUF 750 
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4. Krumplis Lángos – Flórián tér

This one is more of a hidden gem, so don't let the unusual location fool you! Krumplis Lángos at Flórián tér is a local favourite despite its underpass setting. Their secret lies in the delicious lángos, boasting a soft and light texture with a satisfying crunch here and there. The friendly and quick service adds to the charm, and the atmosphere is buzzing with regulars enjoying their lángos on the spot. Do try their signature dill-and-cream lángos or the adventurous stuffed onion-and-pork chop version. They also offer giant pancakes for those with room for more after their lángos feast.

  • Price: from HUF 750
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5. Retro Lángos

This iconic lángos stall, formerly situated next to the Arany János utca metro stop, has relocated to the other side of the road and continues to be a crowd-pleaser. Their focus has shifted to a more tourist-friendly model, reflected in their slightly higher prices starting from HUF 1,900. But fear not, quality remains a priority. They offer classic plain lángos, but the real appeal lies in their extensive topping options – from Hungarian sausage to tzatziki and a 'meat bomb' for the adventurous eaters. For those with dietary restrictions, gluten-free and vegan lángos are also available. While on the smaller side, their lángos are just the right size to fill you up, especially if you pack them with your favourite toppings.

  • Price: from HUF 1,900 
  • Find out more here.

5+1. Dunaparty Megálló

A curiosity: this double-decker of a restaurant is parked on the riverside, making it a perfect summer hangout even if you have to venture out of the centre to reach it. It has been a neighbourhood staple for 18 years, serving up lángos, hake, and other beach food favourites on the border of the 11th and 22nd districts. Their lángos caters to all tastes, ranging from the classic plain option to more adventurous creations featuring gyros, Bolognese, or even chilli beans. When it comes to toppings, they offer a generous selection of sausages, ham, vegetables, and condiments. And if you're feeling indecisive, they also offer mini lángos, allowing you to sample multiple flavours. Regardless of your choice, expect a lángos that's both soft and fluffy with a satisfyingly crunchy exterior, generously loaded with your chosen toppings. 

  • Price: from HUF 950 
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(Cover photo: Polyák Attila - We love Budapest)