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Homemade ice cream, affogato, ice pops – 4 spots to cool off in the summer heat

Who says ice-cold desserts necessarily come in scoop form? Go wild this summer, and try at least one creative alternative. They are all great in the heat and will delight even those who aren’t big fans of classic ice cream. Here are four specialities with where to find them.


Giandó Budapest

Just a stone's throw away from the famous shopping street Váci utcaGiandó displays two full ice cream counters and another cabinet packed with goodies. But these are chocolate-dipped ice creams and ice candies, and they even offer their signature 'ice cream sandwich': they put the ice cream between two biscuits, with chocolate topping on one end.



We have been fans of Anjuna’s delicious and natural ice pops since 2016. They are fantastic because they break away from everything we know about industrial ice lollies. No colourings or additives are used, just pure fruits, spices, field-selected chocolates, seeds, and dried fruits. Although Anjuna desserts are now commercially available, there is nothing better than the locally refined chocolate and seed-sprinkled versions. In Budapest, you can get them on Sas utca (near the Basilica), Pozsonyi út, and Lövőház utca in Buda.


Babka Deli

The charming deli on Pozsonyi út (near Margaret Bridge) has something special in store for every season, and this summer is no different. Babka Deli put together a whole ice coffee collection, including cascara negroni and pink velvet cold brew, but we go for the marvellously presented affogato this time. It is a homemade vanilla ice cream 'drowned' in coffee; it’s a stylish confection, a great coffee, and a caffeine bomb, all at the same time, specially tuned to Babka Deli.



Downtown craft beer spot MADHOUSE (a slight turn from Deák Ferenc tér) has a serious mission: to come up with creative dishes season after season. They have a great sense of style, and we love the way they often sneak beer or malt into the menu, especially in desserts. Their hop-flavoured vanilla ice cream with raspberries in the middle, is coated with dark chocolate wafer topping and is complete with lyophilised raspberries and white chocolate powder – this is a real IPA ice cream!


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