Craft brewers Mad Scientist from Budapest stand out from their domestic rivals for sticking to special flavours and processes. Now, after selling their beers at key venues around the city, not least at the Szimpla ruin bar, the good folk from Maglódi út have taken the plunge and just opened their own place. Welcome to MADHOUSE!

Having recently bid farewell to Scottish craft-beer chain BrewDog, the people behind this prominent spot at Anker köz, diagonally opposite Deák tér, decided to approach successful Budapest beer magicians Mad Scientist to create a completely new bar. Their only stipulation? Carte blanche with the creative concept. 

Earning kudos and a level of trust after running a beer garden in Kőbánya, near their brewery in District X, guests filling every table and film screenings laid on, the crew at Mad Scientist were looking for pastures new. This has led to MADHOUSE, which has everything going for it, too. 

It’s (very) centrally located, pretty spacious, with an appealing concept, a balance between bistro and small-scale pub. Budapest already has craft-beer bars a-plenty.

MADHOUSE keeps the taps flowing but operates from 11am to 11pm, and lends itself more to drinking à deux, casual work meetings, dinners, evening get-togethers for larger groups and even has a children’s corner for families to gather. 

Of course, beer aficionados have not been forgotten. Along with the innovative flavours concocted in Kőbánya, sought-after foreign and domestic brews can be found in lager, IPA, wheat, organic and honey-beer varieties. Wine, shorts and coffee also feature, while beer underscores the much of the cuisine overseen by Norbert Piszkor.

With no traffic on Anker köz, tables can be placed outside, to increase capacity by 100 or so, on top of the 136 within, whenever social distancing is no longer a consideration.

District VI. Anker köz 1-3
Open: daily 11am-11pm