Holidays and city breaks are often associated with a bit of overspending. But good things don’t need to cost an arm and a leg – and we are here to prove it. We’ve put together 3 itineraries to help you enjoy the city more freely without worrying about breaking the bank. The stops are rather off the beaten track, making you feel like a local. First, we wander around on the western side of the river: Buda (soon to be followed by Pest).


Gellért Hill delights and a good lunch (approx. HUF 7,500)

Start your Gellért Hill tour with a good pastry and coffee combo at the charming French bakery Chez Matild. After the timeless breakfast, head to the nearby Pál Molnár-C. Studio and Museum (make an appointment in advance). Here you can visit the studio and works of the painter who knew the area inside and out. You can also see in photos how everyday life looked like in the turn-of-the-century and imagine what it must have been like to live in a magnificent Buda villa. After the museum tour, have a walk in Buda Arboretum and around Lake Feneketlen for lush nature vibes. Then head to the Kisvigadó restaurant (booking is recommended) for a hearty Hungarian dish and a pint over a checkered tablecloth. After a substantial lunch, embark on a leisurely afternoon of villa-hopping on Gellért Hill and just admire the view! 

  • Breakfast at Chez Matild (coffee + pastry): approx. HUF 2,000
  • Entrance to Pál Molnár-C. Studio and Museum: HUF 1,500 (adults) 
  • Lunch at Kisvigadó (average main course + drink): HUF 4,000


Modernism, gastronomy, and mountain peaks in Buda (approx. HUF 8,500)

Don’t spare yourself the treats (you will need the energy), and go all in for a crispy pain au chocolat or a heavenly croissant at Freyja. After getting your sugar fix, head for one of the area’s specialities, the venerable old Lebanon cedar (5 Kondor út), then venture to Apáthy rock to connect with nature and witness magnificent views. Once you complete the hike, it’s time for a little Hungarian modernism: stroll through the experimental housing estate on Napraforgó Street (see photos here) and eye up all the stunning Bauhaus buildings in the area. If you are not extremely strict on the budget, have lunch at Master Wang’s top-notch restaurant. Otherwise, visit Pasarét Bistro, where you can afford a cheaper dish and drink combination and appreciate the impressive modernist complex the restaurant is set in. With this tour, you can fully satisfy your need for strict proportions and geometric shapes. 

  • Breakfast at Freyja (coffee + pastry): approx. HUF 3,000
  • Lunch at Pasarét Bistro (main course + drink): approx. HUF 5,500


Walk, museum, cinema, Óbuda (approx. HUF 10,000)

Start your walk at the Kiscelli Museum, where temporary and permanent exhibitions are on display. After the museum, stroll through the Kiscelli Park Forest and grab a pie or burger at Semmi Extra. Instead of the busy Frankel Leó Street, roam towards Szemlőhegy, then take the more pleasant, quieter Szeréna and Apostol Streets. They will lead you to one of the most charming places in the area: the narrow and cobblestoned Gül Baba Street. Visit the tomb of the Ottoman-era poet and philosopher who died shortly after the Turkish conquest of Buda. Then turn onto Margit Avenue, where you can get refreshed with a fruit syrup drink and a focaccia combo at the Montage. To end your day, watch a film at the Bem Cinema, where classics such as Casablanca, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Dead Poets Society are screened.

  • Kiscelli Museum entrance fee: HUF 2,000 (adults)
  • Semmi Extra (menus): approx. HUF 4,000
  • Montage (fruit syrup drink + focaccia): HUF 2,400
  • Bem Cinema ticket: HUF 1,600