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14 best ice-cream spots in Budapest

A good ice cream is worth going the distance for. We prefer natural, traditionally made, quality types and we have created a selection of the best Budapest has to offer. Enjoy rose-petal shaped inventions at Gelarto Rosa, superfood variations at popular Fragola, lactose- and sugar-free options, or taste extravagant dill-cucumber yoghurt, salty caramel or matcha. Fans of classic flavours will also find the perfect summer companions, such as vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and lemon.


Erdős és fiai

Exquisite ice-cream creations await everyone who goes the distance and visits Erdős és fiai confectionery by Kelenföld station on metro line 4. You’ll definitely not stop at two scoops here: they offer amazing fruity flavours and smooth, creamy varieties, and if you find it hard to decide which one to choose, they can get you a sample of each. They also serve lactose- and sugar-free options.

  • Tip: Erdős, mille-feuille pastry, matcha, chocolate-banana 
  • Prices: 330 forints/measure


Damniczki Budapest

The bold creations at Damniczki Budapest on Hercegprímás utca in downtown District V never cease to amaze. They make it a priority to offer cakes, coffee and ice cream with the highest quality ingredients. They serve unconventional and exciting flavour combos, and it pays off: people simply love it. Their unique dill-yoghurt cucumber or pumpkin seed are popular even with the little ones. The confectionery also has a terrace where you can take your time enjoying their amazing frosty specialities.

  • Tip: red wine-raspberry, dark side, caramel, orange-pumpkin, pumpkin seed
  • Prices: 350 forints/measure



One of the favourite ice-cream shops in Újlipótváros, District XIII, is a tiny place with an exquisite selection. It usually attracts a lot of people living or working in the neighbourhood, on weekdays and on Saturdays, too. They use traditional Italian technology, with dominantly Italian ingredients, and offer unique flavours and classics.

  • Tip: mango, Bronte pistachio, coffee, lemon
  • Prices: 330 forints/measure


Gelarto Rosa

The rose-shaped creations at Gelarto Rosa are a double whammy: they please the eye and taste amazing. It’s exciting to watch how they portion out delicious ice cream in two or more flavours – and colours – into perfect petal-shaped forms. Don’t be discouraged by the long queue in front of the place, you’ll get served pretty fast.

  • Tip: peanut, mango, sorrel-green apple, strawberry-elderflower sorbet
  • Prices: 2 flavours for 700 forints, 3 flavours for 800 forints


Artigiana Gelati

Family-owned Artigiana Gelati on Csaba utca near Széll Kálmán tér offers one of the best ice creams on the Buda side. They have plenty of experience making quality Italian frosty treats, having been in operation for 28 years. Classics and unconventional variations, lactose- and sugar-free options also feature. It’s perfect to eat on the go, walking through lovely Városmajor nearby.

  • Tip: Sacher, forest fruit-yoghurt
  • Prices: 400 forints/measure



A confectionery that offers the same, top-quality ice-cream at all its venues. This popular chain is a real trend-setter, introducing new and sometimes surprising and bold combinations every year. They also serve variations with superfood, lactose- and sugar-free options, and classics, too. You’ll find more than ten Fragola outlets around town.

  • Tip: white-chocolate raspberry, pomegranate fondant, Nutella, poppy seed, sea buckthorn
  • Prices: 300 forints/measure (sugar-free: 330 forints/measure)



Nándori Confectionery on bustling Ráday utca is popular because of its amazing selection of cakes and sweets, but in summer it’s all about the frosty treats here, too. They experiment with new flavours but also offer classics: you’ll find traditional, creamy creations and fresh, cool, fruity varieties. They have a lovely terrace where you can enjoy your ice cream in a cup, too.

  • Tip: watermelon, peanut, butterbeer 3.0, vanilla, chocolate
  • Prices: 280 forints/measure


I love Gelato

I Love Gelato on Mester utca welcomes ice-cream aficionados with 35 flavours, fruity and creamy variations that you can ask for in a cone or a little cup. Forget your diet as soon as you enter, because you simply won’t be able to resist these delicious treats, and you’ll immediately feel the urge to try the most special – and unusual - flavours. Ingredients come from quality sources, and service is nice and professional.

  • Tip: bananito, passion fruit, rosemary-pineapple, salty pistachio, panna cotta
  • Prices: 280-350 forints/measure


Dolce Intervallo

Dolce Intervallo is very Italian and very nostalgic, offering different flavours every day. Unsuspecting tourists strolling down Andrássy út may not know that amazing frosty delicacies are just a step away, at Alberto’s shop in Szív utca. Real fans or regulars can ask for a loyalty card, and you should definitely check their Facebook page from time to time, because they share daily specials there.

  • Tip: tiramisu, salty peanut, ginger-lemon, yoghurt, elderflower-lemon
  • Prices: 220 forints/measure


Hisztéria Cremeria

At Hisztéria Cremeria on prominent Andrássy út, everything is prepared from top-quality ingredients, making sure that guests are offered the best ice-cream varieties. Classic and special flavour combos are served by the gramme from traditional metal containers, and you can enjoy them with amazing Belgian chocolate sauce and wafers, too.

  • Tip: salty caramel, red wine-cranberry, white chocolate, lychee-raspberry
  • Prices: 60 forints/10 grammes


MAMO Gelato

Besides Nándori Confectionery, focal Ráday utca also has an Italian-style, new-wave ice cream shop, Mamo Gelato. It offers countless variations and new flavours every day. They are best at creating special combinations, with fruity and milky-creamy types. Even better, you can ask for your scoops in a brioche, just like in Italy – and you don’t want to miss the pistachio.

  • Tip: cannolo siciliano, Kinder Maxi King, lemon tart, tiramisu, almond and pistachio cream
  • Prices: 300 forints/measure


Gelateria Pomo D'oro

Via Italia’s Gelateria Pomo D’oro has always been among the top ice-cream shops in Budapest. They don’t have a lot of varieties, but they have perfected the flavours, and offer a fixed selection with one or two weekly specials. You can ask for two different types within one portion, available for sampling. Enjoy authentic Italian ice cream on their terrace, open until 9 pm every day.

  • Tip: pistachio, fior di latte, salty caramel, pomegranate yoghurt, chocolate, passion fruit
  • Prices: 350 forints/measure



Őrmező in Budapest’s District XI has been improved no end by the arrival of the Sütizz confectionery. Owners Eszter Gerő and József Juhos swear by high-quality ingredients and French tradition as far as desserts and ice cream are concerned. They like to experiment with exciting flavours but also offer classics, and you can enjoy their delicious cakes in ice-cream versions, as well. They also have sugar-free options. Service is attentive, and you can tuck into your frosty treat in their lovely garden.

  • Tip:  pistachio, punch, J40
  • Prices: 300 forints/measure


Málna the pastry shop

Zoltán Kolonics, former head pastry chef at Gerbeaud, has opened his own shop, Málna, so now you can enjoy amazing sweet delicacies with an attentive service in Óbuda. Málna offers beautifully made, delicious cakes, and ice cream that you can ask in a paper cup or a cone. They mainly serve classic flavours of the highest quality. Try their frosty creations with a dollop of perfect whipped cream on top.

  • Tip: vanilla, pistachio, mango, salty caramel
  • Prices: 60 forints/10 grammes

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