Umbrella Man, known for his thrilling stunts in the Budapest skies, is back in action. Get ready to be amazed as you check out the latest jaw-dropping photos of his newest adventure!

Umbrella Man, a local sensation with a strange habit of popping up at extreme heights, has once again posed atop the capital's iconic landmark. His identity remains a mystery, but he is the star of Hungarian photographer Péter Kálló's Balance Project, and the results are nothing short of breathtaking. 

Having already conquered the heights of the Buda Castle, Megyeri Bridge, and Chain Bridge, Umbrella Man has amazed the city multiple times. After a long absence, he recently made a dramatic comeback, standing 50 metres high atop Puskás Arena, umbrella in hand. His stunt didn't go unnoticed and was once again captured by Péter Kálló. See the spectacle below:

(Cover Photo: Kálló Péter)