What happens when creative expats, bound by a shared love for Budapest, come together? The result is catchy songs like 'Back in Budapest,' a musical love letter to the Hungarian capital. Not to sound cheesy, but today is the perfect day to watch the newly released music video for the song – one that will likely have you humming for a day or two.

'Back in Budapest' is the latest single from two expats living in Budapest: Steve Bradley (known for his work with No Doubt and Steel Pulse) and Matt Silverman (founding member of About Face, the award-winning 10-piece group from San Francisco), which made its debut last year. You might have heard it at Balaton Sound last summer or on Jazzy Radio, but if you haven't yet, here is your chance!

The song serves as an ode to the Hungarian capital, featuring the lovely vocals of local songstress, Viki Voga, and the skillful camera work of Susanna Kiss. Although a video was created for the song last year, the team is gearing up to release a second version, and you can be among the first to see it as it makes its debut on our site.

Conceived and directed by Souza Haz, this 2.0 edition was shot on one warm Friday night last autumn, guiding you through an epic night out in the city. The video is brimming with iconic locations that, if you live here, you will undoubtedly recognise. And if you're new around here, take some notes! It starts with a scene at Esetleg Bistro, located in the intricate glass building of Bálna Budapest – one of the best spots to catch epic sunsets.

Next, we catch sight of the Liberty Bridge before quickly hopping on tram 47. Soon, we arrive at the gate of Budapest's party district, Gozsdu Udvar (Gozsdu Courtyard) – a labyrinth of passageways and interconnecting courtyards, packed with restaurants, bars, and clubs. Shots of pálinka are ordered, drinks flow, and strangers engage in conversations at the laid-back yet professional cocktail bar, Barside, before moving on to Ellátó.

The video features Andràs Gravi Kiss, as the Director of Photography and includes Holly Seprus, Matt Silverman and a cast of Budapest ‘all-stars'. Check it out below!

And what's the backstory of the song?

'One night in Budapest, sipping palinka, I recognized we were with people from France, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Spain and a few other countries, and I asked them, what was it about Budapest that they loved? There were many answers, but the one that stuck with me was the fact that Budapest is like the wild, wild West. You can come here and continue your life or start anew, and there's no judgment. Unlike other capital cities, where everything has seemingly already found its place, in Budapest, there's room for you.... After this illuminating conversation, we coined the phrase ‘Budapest, this eastern, wild west''– shares Matt.