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I scream, you scream… how Hungarians beat the summer heat with ice cream back in the day


  • Gábor Wágner

02/08/2022 11.12am

Nothing signifies summer more than ice cream. Generations of Hungarians have beaten a path to their nearest shop, van or fridge on wheels for their instant frozen treat. The flavours may have changed, the presentation, too, but as this picture gallery gleaned from the communal photo archive Fortepan shows, the pleasures remain the same.

Poured from a German-made Linde machine, served beneath retro neon or used as a prop in a photo shoot of pop stars, ice cream has been an essential part of the Hungarian summer for generations. Take a look at these Fortepan images to see how locals have enjoyed their frozen delights down the decades.

Ice cream by the bucket (1935)

Photo: Fortepan

Like in an old movie (1938)

Photo: Fortepan - Zsembery Bendegúz

Polite use of spoons (1938)

Photo: Fortepan - Kőszegi Anna

How to eat ice cream (1940)

Photo: Fortepan - Szöllősy Kálmán

Kids dutifully queue in District XIII (1955)

Photo: Fortepan - Reményi József

Summer haircuts in the Castle District (1958)

Photo: Fortepan - Lencse Zoltán

Ice cream heaven at the Mackó büfé (1959)

Photo: Fortepan - Bauer Sándor

Every good girl guide deserves her treat (1960)

Photo: Fortepan - Móra András

Poured not scooped (1961)

Photo: Fortepan - Bauer Sándor

Singer Zsuzsa Koncz & the Metro group on Gellért tér (1965)

Photo: Fortepan - Hunyady József

TV show A Keménykalap és krumpliorr (1973)

Photo: Fortepan - Ráday Mihály

When scoops cost five forints (1984)

Photo: Fortepan - Urbán Tamás

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