In Budapest, there are more and more places where you can find great street food free from ingredients of animal origin, for vegans, vegetarians and carnivores alike. Jimmy’Z Vegan’s divine burgers and exciting dishes are guaranteed to entice everyone, serving the tastiest snacks to all.

Péter Valkó and Dani Csekő conceived of Jimmy'Z Vegan together, where you can not only savour divine burgers, but also eat in an environmentally conscious way and find dishes made from healthy, plant-based ingredients.

Craft burgers and vegan dishes are available on one of the liveliest streets in District VI at Podmaniczky utca 20, one of the favourite places in the area despite being opened during shutdown. The concept has come so far that today there are many returning regulars who they already know by name.

Surprising flavours

From the first moment, it was important not to target the vegan community exclusively with our food. Rather, we want to give people the opportunity to eat differently, that vegan cuisine is varied and delicious, not just made of salad and tofu. It took off so much at the start that a significant section of our guests were carnivores, and we managed to convince them of the flavours. Many people are surprised when they try the food, they don't expect it at all, so it's also a kind of education,” say the founders.

Jimmy’Z is very strong on the burger front, and you can even order divine vegan pizzas from them or take them home from Garay utca 30, which we can tell you will soon be able to offer sit-down dining.

Moreover, you can now invite guests to corporate and large-scale events as they have met the growing demand and expanded their business with catering services. Indeed, it’s not just delicious vegan snacks, they can organise complete vegan catering for an in-house event within 48 hours.

Whether it’s a chilled-out pizza party at home, a super burger street-food experience or a corporate event, you can always count on Jimmy’Z Vegan.

Venue information

Jimmy’Z Vegan
1065 Budapest, Podmaniczky utca 20