The stunning Széchenyi Baths are a must-see attraction for all visitors to Budapest but the lesser-known Palm House above provides the full rejuvenating experience.

Soothing warmth, a plentitude of lush green plants, fresh fruit bowls, ample sunshine, water features, two-seater hammocks from Colombia, citrusy refreshments and cushions – if you close your eyes, the Széchenyi Palm House can whisk you off to the Tropics. Tucked away on the second floor of the baths, this green oasis of calm offers heaps of healthy amenities that give your body a full recharge, be it a girl’s day out, a family break or a couple’s retreat – or just conquering your hangover from the night before.

Exploring the labyrinthine Széchenyi Baths can sometimes be chaotic, but if you also visit the Palm House, the experience is altogether completely different. Upon entry, you’ll go straight to this exotic attraction, where you’ll be provided with flip-flops, a towel and a dressing gown. Afterwards, the friendly English-speaking staff give you the tour, showing you to your cabin where you can change, and then through the baths, explaining how to find your way around and how much time you should spend in the healing waters.

Afterwards, you can do as you like. You can sashay between the pools and the Palm House, and spend as much time as you wish. You can swim and soak to your heart's content, and when you feel like a little retreat, you can ascend above it all to the sanctuary of the Palm House. There, manual therapies mingle Thai, Japanese and Swedish elements, and an aroma cabin allows you to breathe in soothing oils. After melting your muscles in the healing thermal waters and a manual therapy, you’ll be so relaxed you might fall asleep, which is also fine – dozing off with your mouth open is totally allowed here. Among the plentiful pots of lush green plants, there are more than enough comfy seats for everyone to relax.

Fresh fruit bowls and unlimited refreshments are provided and you can even play a board game or two, but peace and quiet are paramount. As opposed to the crowded pools, at the Palm House there are only a few guests at a time, as full relaxation is the aim. There is free WiFi, but most people just read, relax and unwind.

The temperature in summer is about the same as outside, but a lot more humid and steamy, which is great for your skin and lungs. In winter, there’s floor heating, and when the gentle orange lights turn on just below the snow-covered glass rooftop, the experience is absolutely magical.

As the Palm House is not part of the Széchenyi Baths per se, you need a separate package deal to enjoy its amenities, which you can find out more about here. If you really need a worry-free day to unwind and relax while giving your body a health boost, the Palm House is the perfect choice.

Palm House

Address: Kós Károly sétány, Gate 1

Open: daily 10am-7pm Website