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Try paprika or pesto ice cream at Budapest’s new Gelarto Bistro

Gelarto Bistro opened in place of the former Pékery at downtown Pest’s Szent István Square, just a few steps away from St. Stephen’s Basilica, with a truly one-of-a-kind attraction: a unique non-sweet gourmet ice-cream selection served to complement the bistro’s dishes. These flavors are sure to shock and impress, and are definitely not available anywhere else in Budapest.

Pékery was one of the most loveable places around the Basilica, where we could eat delicious sandwiches, cakes, and breakfasts all day... but unfortunately, the place could no longer operate as a “bakery” because of a regulation, and since the management couldn’t let themselves work with products that were half-baked in advance, Pékery ceased to exist in its previous form. But fortunately, the same culinary team relaunched the place with the new name of Gelarto Bistro (as the little sibling of Gelarto Rosa), now offering dishes that are even more exciting than before.

It would be difficult to name their local specialty, which includes an interesting main dish paired with ice cream of unusual flavors – naturally, the latter is what interests us the most. The selection includes couscous with vegetable chutney, fresh vegetables and freeze-fried pepper, served with paprika ice cream (890 HUF); salad with orange-tree leaves and passion vinegar, served with salmon ice cream (750 HUF); wheat pearls with creamed porcini mushrooms, vegetable mousse, freeze-dried green peas and boiled egg, served with pesto ice cream (850 HUF); puy lentil with curry, parmesan ice cream, vegetable mousse, freeze-dried green peas and boiled egg, served with mint and green-pea ice cream (850 HUF); and salad with toasted walnuts and goat cheese, served with beetroot ice cream (750 HUF).

Of course, we can choose any of these ice creams to accompany any dish, these are just recommendations – but ones that are worth heeding. We liked the paprika ice cream the best; second place goes to the beetroot ice cream, while the green-pea ice cream placed third on our list. These could even work as individual treats.

These dishes are too small to be a full lunch, but are still much more than a light snack – so we recommend them for friendly chats and breezy dates.

In addition to the unique ice cream experience, Gelarto Bistro still serves breakfast, including croissants, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, omelettes, panini sandwiches, or muesli, the prices of which range between 500 and 2,000 forints.

The biggest challenge for them now is to familiarize the people of Budapest with their novel dishes. This requires only a tasting!Gelarto Bistro
Budapest 1051, Sas Street 11


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