According to legend, Sashegy ('Eagle Hill') was named after the Recapture of Buda in 1686, when the birds flew from here in the direction of Buda Castle. Another theory has it that the area was called Adelsberg by local Germans and Hungarians misheard it and started to call it Adlersberg, also Eagle Hill, Sashegy in Hungarian. What is certain is that this heavily protected area is home to many plants that can be found nowhere else in Europe. You can only hike here with a professional tour guide, who will be happy to tell you all about plants such as Tatár maples, Buda rowans and European Michaelmas daisies. The 850-metre-long nature trail goes past rocks up until the summit, which offers a stunning 360-degree panorama. The southern side of the slopes feels like the barren Mediterranean, while the lush greenery of the northern side is more like Alpine pastures. Along the way you can also meet the residents such as European snake-eyed skinks, Carpathian whipsnakes and praying mantises. To learn more about them, check out the interactive exhibition at the visitor centre. You need to book for guided tours in Engiish.