From photography exhibitions and wine-tasting museum evenings to traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and the magnificent performance of Swan Lake – Budapest offers a myriad of activities to soak up culture in the upcoming months. We've picked out our favourites.

Tripadvisor ranked Budapest as the world's 7th best place for culture last year, based on reviews from the global travel community. We couldn't agree more. And now we've rounded up some special activities to immerse yourself in Budapest's vibrant culture this season.

1. Hungarian Bride

Step back in time and unveil the captivating stories of Hungarian brides! The Hungarian National Museum's Hungarian Bride exhibition whisks you on a journey through 500 years of marital history. Discover the cherished dresses and heartfelt love letters of hundreds of women, some celebrated, others unknown. These artefacts whisper tales of a bygone era, revealing how the very concept of marriage and a woman's role within it have undergone a dramatic transformation. Intrigued by the limitations placed on women in the 16th century, when history was penned almost exclusively by men? This exhibition peels back the layers, showcasing how these women's lives transcended the confines of those narratives. Witness the remarkable societal shifts experienced by Hungarian women over the past five centuries and their unwavering pursuit of the right to forge their own destinies. (x)

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2. Wine Wednesdays

Prepare your taste buds and your artistic curiosity: the Hungarian National Gallery invites you to the 13th edition of its Wine Wednesdays series. Every Wednesday evening, the museum transforms into a vibrant hub, offering a unique blend of artistic exploration and exquisite wine tastings. Embark on a guided tour through the museum's recently revamped permanent exhibitions, the central theme for this year's Wine Wednesdays. Lose yourself in the captivating works of Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka, explore the post-war artistic landscape in Shifts – Updated!, delve into the international collection spanning centuries, or immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of 20th-century Hungarian art presented in Modern Times. But the experience doesn't end there! Wine Wednesdays boasts a curated selection of Hungarian natural wines, meticulously chosen by a renowned sommelier at the Michelin-starred SALT restaurant and wine attaché at Bortársaság. On July 10th, taste a glass of wine from Lake Balaton, while enjoying a display of Csontváry's masterpieces. (x)

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3. The Swan Lake

Prepare to be swept away by a breathtaking performance of Swan Lake! This magical ballet by Ballet Preljocaj takes centre stage on the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage. The story transcends a simple love triangle, delving into the profound struggle between good and evil, light and darkness. This lyrical and contemporary production promises a mesmerizing dream world. Witness the perfect harmony between classical ballet and modern dance, accompanied by a blend of Tchaikovsky's iconic score and 79D's pulsating electropop compositions. Whether you're a seasoned ballet aficionado or a curious newcomer, Swan Lake promises a night to remember. (x)

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4. An authentic Japanese tea ceremony

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Japanese culture at the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts' recently opened teahouse! On July 18th and 20th, embark on a journey to the Far East without ever leaving Budapest. This unique program offers two authentic Japanese tea ceremonies, providing a chance to savour the delicate flavours and rich customs surrounding this ancient tradition. Following the ceremony, take a delightful stroll through the museum's beautiful gardens, allowing the tranquillity of the experience to linger.

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5. Wanda Martin & Gabor Martin: The Ballad of Eternal Youth

Step into a fun journey through time with the joint exhibition by renowned photographers Gábor Martin and his daughter Wanda. At Mai Manó House, their evocative images reveal the essence of youth in two distinct eras and locations: 1970s Hungarian countryside (a town called Békéscsaba) and contemporary London. Though the photographs explore similar topics, they present starkly different worlds, seamlessly blended to create the illusion of a shared time and space. A deeper dive into the collection uncovers fascinating contrasts and trends, making this exhibition an intriguing exploration of youth across decades and cultures. Catch the images until August 18th.

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(Cover photo: Hungarian National Gallery)