Pride Month is in full swing in Budapest! And it's showering the city with cool and educative events, running until June 23rd. Whether you're a local or a visitor, there are plenty of English-friendly activities to enjoy. See how you can join in the celebration!

Pride Month is a fantastic opportunity to stand up for and celebrate LGBTQ+ rights, equality, humanity, acceptance, and openness with like-minded people. It's also the perfect chance to educate yourself while having a great time. The highlight of the month is the Pride March on June 22nd, but before that, there are over 50 exciting events you can join. We've handpicked 9 events that you'll love, even if you don't speak a word of Hungarian!

1. Queen´s Night: LGBTQ+ Comedy Show Pride Edition

Celebrate pride with a lineup of LGBTQ+ comedians - performing stand-up in English! In the city centre of Budapest, you can lay back for a night of glam, sparkles, queer joy and on-point jokes.

• Category: stand-up comedy
• Date: June 12
• Venue: Turbina Cultural Centre
• Price: HUF 3,500 - 7,000

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2. Queer Art Club - What does Pride mean to me?

The world of zines has been intertwined with feminist, queer and punk subcultures for decades. During this workshop, you can learn about the history of zine-making before creating one yourself.

•  Category: zine workshop
•  Date: June 13
•  Venue: Auróra
•  Price: free

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3. RunForRights & Amnesty Run

Running has the magical power to bring people together and raise awareness while promoting a healthy heart and a conscious mind. So if you are up for a 5K run on beautiful Margaret Island, join this free event and advocate for equal rights, justice and inclusivity.

•  Category: sport
•  Date: June 15
•  Venue: Margaret Island - at the foot of Margaret Bridge
•  Price: free

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4. Self-Discovery and Self-Expression: Nonviolent Communication Workshop in English

At this interactive and practical community workshop, participants will gain insight into the concept of nonviolent communication, and learn and immediately practice the basic elements and key techniques on the spot.

•  Category: workshop
•  Date: June 19
•  Venue: JCC Bálint Ház
•  Price: free

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5. Raw! Uncut! Video! - Hungarian documentary film premiere

Documentary movie screening by Háttér Society's HIV & STI program on sex-positivity, an adult film studio creating content to combat HIV and STIs in the USA in the 80s.

•  Category: movie screening
•  Date: June 19
•  Venue: Corvin Cinema
•  Price: free

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6. Queendom - premiere

Brought to you by Verzió Human Rights Documentary Festival: Queendom. A queer artist from a small town in Siberia, dresses in otherworldly costumes made from junk and tape, and protests the government on the streets of Moscow.

•  Category: movie screening
•  Date: June 20
•  Venue: Budapest City Hall Park
•  Price: soon

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7. The Magic Cell presents: LGBTQ+ animations

Dot & Line brings on the 8th queer animation movie night, premiering animated movies that were not showcased in Hungary before.

•  Category: movie screening
•  Date: June 21
•  Venue: ISBN books+gallery
•  Price: HUF 1,000

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8. The 29th Budapest Pride March

'Claim back your future!' - is the powerful slogan of Hungary's largest recurring human rights demonstration. It's the main event of all, where you can advocate for LGBTQ+ social and legal equality while dancing and singing your heart out to upbeat music. Over 35,000 people are expected to march through the streets of Budapest, including the World Heritage Site Andrássy út, uniting for equality, love, solidarity and justice.  

•  Category: demonstration
•  Date: June 22
•  Meeting point: corner of Podmaniczy utca - Bajcsy Zsilinszky út
•  Price: free

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9. Rainbow Party: Budapest Pride March Official Afterparty

Budapest Pride organizes Hungary's largest LGBTQ+ party, where the liberating and diverse atmosphere of the Budapest Pride March continues. On 4 different stages (pop, techno, retro and house) more than 20 talented Hungarian artists showcase their best tracks, dance moves and drag costumes.

•  Category: party
•  Date: June 22
•  Venue: Budapest Park
•  Price: HUF 5,699 HUF - 12,999

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(Cover photo: Krisztián Bódis - Budapets Images)