Budapest, our beautiful capital, has a number of great places that make a great spot for a photo or selfie. Whether it's a visit to a special exhibition, a girls' night out, or a date, we've compiled 6 special places to snap those selfies.

If you're wondering where to take photos with world stars, or which aesthetically pleasing restaurant to book, this article is for you! Also if you are up for snapping selfies among retro relics, or enjoying the city's unmatched panorama – whether it's a boat on the Danube, a rooftop bar, or one of Budapest's favourite cookie shops –, keep scrolling!

Madam Tussauds Budapest

Forget just looking at wax figures at the new Madame Tussauds Budapest – snapping selfies with them is practically mandatory! This isn't your typical museum; it's an interactive experience designed for the perfect photo op. Imagine yourself posing with iconic stars in unique sets. Want to feel like an award winner? Hand an Oscar statuette to your favourite actor! Feeling spooky? Don Dracula's cape and channel your inner vampire. And there's more! You can clink champagne glasses with Leonardo DiCaprio, have a heart-to-heart with George Clooney (complete with a simulated heartbeat!), or even recreate a fairytale ride in Sissi's carriage. Calling all football fans? Take the ultimate selfie hoisting a trophy alongside Messi or Ronaldo! Madame Tussauds Budapest is all about capturing those unforgettable moments with life-size wax figures. So ditch the typical museum experience and get ready to strike a pose!

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Flava Kitchen&More

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Budapest Retro Museum

Budapest Retro Museum isn't your typical dusty showcase. Here, you can dive headfirst into Hungary's past, from the 1960s all the way up to 1999, in an interactive way. Imagine cruising the streets in a real Lada police car, just like they did back in the socialist era! Or maybe you'd prefer to see what Hungarian astronaut Bertalan Farkas packed for his space travels. Feeling like a news anchor? Take your turn presenting the news in the old Híradó (Daily News) studio! The fun doesn't stop there. This three-story museum is practically a selfie haven, and it's even been featured in music videos! You might even bump into a Hungarian celebrity – the museum has seen stars like Valmar, Neoton Família, the Hungária band, and more. With thousands of unique exhibits, the Budapest Retro Museum lets you experience history, not just read about it. So gear up for a blast from the past!

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Spoon the Boat

Budapest's iconic Danube takes spoonfuls of romance to a whole new level with Spoon the Boat! This luxurious restaurant boat docked at Vigadó tér offers a feast for all the senses. Elegant interiors, mouthwatering cuisine, and lavish drinks – all aboard a stationary boat boasting a winter garden and two sprawling terraces. But the true star of the show is the view. Spoon the Boat comes with the most magnificent panorama of Buda Castle and the Chain Bridge you'll find on the Pest side. It's no wonder their motto is ‘Fall in love with Budapest!' This place sets the scene for unforgettable moments – and capturing envy-inducing selfies (day or night!). Our insider tip? Arrive during the day to witness the breathtaking sunset before evening lights take over.

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Liz & Chain Rooftop Bar

Budapest's splendid Danube views aren't just for boat rides anymore! Liz & Chain Rooftop Bar, perched on the 9th floor of the Marriott Hotel, offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking sky-high sophistication. Imagine a sprawling 270-degree terrace with panoramic views of the Danube. Here, tranquillity reigns supreme as you unwind in a chic setting. Liz & Chain isn't just about the view, though. They also boast exceptional cocktails and delicious food, all crafted with innovative techniques that minimize their environmental impact. Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do, so if stunning vistas, splendid flavours, and an eco-conscious approach floats your boat, then Liz & Chain Rooftop Bar is your perfect match!

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Cupcake Tortaműhely

Craving Budapest's best bite-sized treats? Cake shop Cupcake Tortaműhely on Batthyány tér is your sugary sanctuary! Forget dry muffins; these are light and fluffy cupcakes with a flavour explosion in every bite. From classics like salted caramel to unique pairings like strawberry-white chocolate and lime-raspberry, the counter is a rainbow of deliciousness. But Cupcake Tortaműhely doesn't stop at cupcakes! They also offer cake pops, larger cakes, and even delectable gluten-free and vegan options. Everything is handcrafted in their on-site workshop with the utmost care. Enjoy your sweet treat on their cosy terrace – it's the perfect spot for a selfie (and trust us, these cakes are camera-ready!), or sip on a delicious coffee, a refreshing cocktail, or even some bubbly!

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(Cover photo:  Liz & Chain Rooftop Bar)