Good things come in small packages, as they say, and it’s true for the nightlife, too. These tiny bars and pubs pack a punch when it comes to the atmosphere. Get ready for a knees-up in pint-sized places – here's our list of the coolest little party spots in town!

Pici bár

Pici, literally meaning tiny in Hungarian, is still the new kid on the Harminckettesek tere block, though it opened last March. It throws industrial chic out the window and embraces a 'friend's place' vibe instead. Think mismatched furniture scores from scrapyard adventures – anything with character and a second life! But the real charm is the warmth. Pici's friendly atmosphere makes you feel right at home, like catching up with good friends over drinks.

Permanens Vakáció

The deservedly popular bar on Margit körút borrows its name from Jim Jarmusch's first film, Permanent Vacation (1980). Permanens Vakáció opened last summer, its decadent minimalism meets handwritten, hand-drawn visuals. It's a late afternoon to late-night haven but be warned: the tiny place fills up fast! Luckily, with good weather, the outdoor seating lets you sprawl out and soak up the Budapest vibes.


Budapest's speakeasy secret. Blink and you might miss it – Sárqány is just an open door on Széll Kálmán tér, tucked between  Pingrumb and  Nemdebár. Don't be fooled by the unassuming entrance; downstairs a hidden gem awaits. The long, dimly lit space is split in two: tables and chairs fill one side, while the other features a sleek bar and a DJ  whose equipment hangs overhead like a crown. It's a subtle nod to a bygone era of underground haunts, and that's (also) what makes it so damn cool.


Vatoz is located on Német utca in the 8th district and opened on the site of the former Szakkör. The name of the bar is in Turkish, and for good reason; it's run by Turks, with the word 'vatoz' meaning 'ray' in English. Be prepared to cosy up with new friends, as the intimate space practically guarantees it! Vatoz perfectly complements the vibrant, multicultural scene of downtown Józsefváros.

Hintaló Iszoda

For a shot of decadence or madness, head straight to Hintaló. This 8th district veteran is a local legend, a stone's throw from Blaha Lujza tér and a reliable haunt for years. True to its name (which means 'rocking horse' in Hungarian), the place has a touch of whimsical charm – think rocking horses (yes, really!) amidst a ruin pub vibe.

Bårom Bár

Opened last year in the middle of the party district, this is another ruin pub, a real underground alternative haven nestled amidst the thumping nightclubs of the party district. Bårom Bar is located in Dob utca, under the arcades, so you can sit outside in the rain or bad weather if you can't find a place to sit and/or stand inside.

Bar Bizarre

Bathed in the warm glow of red bulbs and flickering candles, the atmosphere is undeniably mystical. Tucked away in a Baross utca courtyard (where the former Patyolat dry cleaners once resided), Bar Bizarre shines with a focus on unique wines. Prepare to mingle with a young, energetic crowd. The air thrums with lively conversation and infectious laughter, fuelled by the bar's fresh, contemporary music.


A classic among small bars on Széll Kálmán tér, Nemdebár stands as a testament to the city's vibrant nightlife, surviving everything after the turn of the millennium. This isn't your average shoebox club – it strikes a perfect balance, offering a space that's intimate yet never cramped. Whether you're just starting your night, right in the heart of the action, or unwinding after an epic adventure, Nemdebár welcomes you with open arms.

(Cover photo: Attila Polyák – We Love Budapest)