Let's face it: Budapest has a reputation for its vibrant party scene, and its party district has become a popular tourist attraction. It might be the reason you picked the Hungarian capital for a weekend getaway with your mates. Or it might be a place you neck a beer or two after work. Either way, we put together an insider guide if you are looking to go beyond the uniform commercial clubs and bars. Here are 14 offbeat and alternative spots for a memorable night out.



Gödör is a big classic on Király utca. It is the main base of Hungarian underground music, a place that preserves the spirit and the flame of the alternative world of the 70s, 80s (and 90s). And here is a fun fact: it was originally located where the popular concert venue Akvárium is today. 


Szimpla kert

Whether the queen of Budapest’s ruin pubs is still underground is a matter of opinion. It’s certainly underground in terms of its events. And its aesthetics also make it seem more like an alternative paradise than a trendy club. Nevertheless, many expats and travellers come here to get a taste of the Eastern European lifestyle, alongside some ruin pub vibes. Szimpla is the perfect first step in discovering the party district and Budapest’s nightlife. Moreover, crowds or no crowds, the place has kept its original charm to this day, almost intact over the past few years. The thrill is granted.



A few steps from Szimpla, you will find Krimóthe most original and honest pub in town, according to them. Whether the statement is true or not is up to you to decide. All we can say is that it is a direct, extremely casual, and unpretentious place where everything is kept simple. Another great thing about Krimó is that it’s completely unpredictable: you never know if you’re in for a super-quiet night or a spontaneous, table-dancing, wild party.


Fekete Kutya

Hiding under the arcade of Dob utca, Fekete Kutya ('Black Dog') is a gem, where you can not only down quality drinks such as Czech beers but nibble on excellent food, too. It boasts an engaging atmosphere and is an ideal place to stop for a quick coffee. It’s one of the most unpretentious and modest places in the area, and although it’s never become trendy, it’s known and loved by everyone, even if you’ve only been here once. 



Kisüzem is gentrified pub a little further up the road towards Grand Boulevard. Unlike the Kutya, it is not only neat but fashionable, making it a favourite for musicians, actors, artists, and media people. Its ruin pub-like, bare-brick-walled atmosphere is enhanced by occasional exhibitions by up-and-coming contemporary artists.


Dzzs Bar

Similar to Kisüzem but with a more upbeat, youthful vibe, this culture-infused bar is located on Nagy Diófa utca. Another outstanding feature of this place is that artwork is often featured on the walls, so you can inhale some culture while eating, drinking, and partying. Although Dzzs is a middle-sized spot, it remains a cosy space that can accommodate loads of good people and host DJ events and concerts



Although Kőleves restaurant is a go-to for lunch menus and Hungarian-Jewish treats, let's focus on its semi-separated garden now! It is an open-air bar where lanterns and colourful furniture add to the atmosphere. It is also biker-friendly, ideal for stopping by any time, day or night, even alone, with a book. But be warned: it is not easy to leave. Yet, it serves as the perfect spot for pre-party drinks.


Szomjas Farkas

Szomjas Farkas ('Thirsty Wolf') is a special little pub focusing on craft beers. No surprise: the founder is an eponymous beer blogger. The place is modest, simple, and unpretentious, focusing on the impressive beer selection in every respect. Despite its minimalism, this cosy and stylish spot does not only offer quality beers but some know-how about them, too. After the first sip, you will enjoy your beer and fall in love with the place you are having it.



Blutorange is the most unique place in the party district, unrivalled not just in the area, but the entire city. It is a listening bar where the musicians and DJs don’t play their usual programme but all the exciting and intriguing music they usually listen to at home. It is all topped off with impeccable Mexican food and mezcal, as well as super comfy armchairs and sofas that make everything more enjoyable.



Telep is one of the most popular places at the 'gate' of the party district. On the lower level is the bar area, which usually plays quality electronic music, hip-hop, and rap. And on the upper level is the gallery, which houses exhibitions and a clothing shop. Telep is the place to be, where you have to stop for a drink before venturing into the depth of the party scene.



Located on the corner of Madách Imre út and Rumbach Sebestyén utca, the name itself is a statement (Központ meaning ‘Centre’): it is the hippest place in the area (well, some would argue that it is TELEP). It identifies itself as a bistro, a pub, and a club all at once. The basement has a small stage where concerts take place. During the day, you can stop by to work or grab lunch. In the evening, you can stand outside clutching a cocktail and observe the TELEP audience across the street.


Bårom BAR

Bårom BAR is the latest addition to the party district. It opened under the arcade on Dob Street, almost next door to Fekete Kutya. It is tiny, but that doesn’t take anything away from its value. Quite the contrary. Spending an evening here is like being at a house party thrown in a ruin pub-like apartment. For all its randomness, Bårom BAR, no bigger than a studio, has a good atmosphere and is a likeable place.


Úri Muri

Úri Muri is a veteran of the party district. Picture a tiny little bar with a small terrace, and be amazed when you enter the basement! Down here, a theatre is located where jazz concerts, stand-up nights, and parties with stylish DJs are hosted. It is a place for regulars and wannabe regulars. And a well-deserved reward to those who happen to find it by accident. It is very much worth noticing. 



Located in a decent-sized courtyard along Dob utca, about halfway between Kisüzem and Szomjas Farkas, Rácskert is a vegan and vegan-centric open-air gastropub. While you are welcome to choose from a selection of delicious and healthy dishes, you can pick the more traditional route when it comes to drinks. Eat, drink, party, and then go to bed at dawn after a decent night out.