Picture the scene: you've just had the best night of your life immersing yourself in Budapest's famous nightlife. You sampled pálinka at dive bars, took selfies at quirky ruin bars, and danced at a trendy club. Now, as you make your way home, a craving for a quick bite tugs at you. Fear not, we've got you covered with the go-to spots to ease those post-night-out munchies.

Csirke Csibész

At the heart of Budapest's nightlife stands a true icon – Csirke Csibész, an eatery with a 30-year history. This haven for hungry partygoers keeps its doors open until 5 am from Wednesday to Saturday, conveniently situated near the party district. The name, which translates to 'Chicken Rascal', equals breaded and fried chicken nestled between two pieces of a bread roll and generously packed with Russian salad. The chicken sandwich is exactly what you need after one too many shots, but don't expect anything gourmet. It's a proper fast-food spot with fair prices, where chicken thighs and fried liver are also on the menu.

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PizzaMe is a chain selling pizza by the slice. That means you can grab a handful of Diavolas in so many locations we won't even start to list, with the majority of the shops staying open until dawn. The Wesselényi utca unit, for example, awaits hungry city dwellers until 6 am every day, but you can check the opening times here. Their pizzas are not the Neapolitan kind, but they are nothing short of delicious. Take their double cream, mozzarella, tartuffe cream and mushroom-topped version (Tartufata), which is a game-changer, especially at night.

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Deep Burger

If your post-night-out craving screams 'burger', don't worry – we get it, and we're here for it. So if you are on the lookout for a juicy treat after a party, Deep Burger can be your saviour. Firstly, it's got several joints in downtown Budapest (Klauzál utca 21., Rákóczi út 32., Erzsébet körút. 19., Dob utca 20.), with one neighbouring the dive bar Stifler 32 by the transport hub Blaha Lujza tér (open until 5 am every day). That means you can have one last drink or watch a game while munching on their late-night grub. Secondly, it brings a slice of America with its deep-pressed burgers crafted from quality ingredients. Get a classic hamburger or a crispy bacon-double cheese version, with fries and a homemade dip on the side.(x)

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Gozsdu Lángos Bistro

You simply can't leave Hungary without biting into the golden, deep-fried dough of a lángos. This Hungarian fast food, resembling a rounded flatbread, is probably the best remedy against a hangover, soaking up every drop of alcohol in your system. You can add garlic, sour cream and cheese on top (to be traditional), or even bacon and red onion if you want to go extra. Get your hands on this hearty delicacy at Gozsdu Udvar, in the heart of the party district, where Gozsdu Lángos Bistro is open until 2 am both on Friday and Saturday.

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+1 Szeráj

Always landing a spot on international travel lists, Szeráj on Grand Boulevard is a rock in Budapest's Turkish fast food scene. If you ever find yourself craving a reliable kebab, just hop on tram 4/6 and head to Jászai Mari tér – you can't miss Szeráj, it's the one with the snaking queue outside. The Turkish eatery is simple but good, and despite the queue, you will get your hands on a lamb doner kebab, a falafel sandwich, a chicken kebab, or a yoghurt aubergine salad very quickly. However, there's a catch – doors close at midnight, earning Szeráj the 'plus 1' category. So, if you're seeking an authentic and quick Turkish food fix in Budapest, make sure to beat the clock.

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(Cover photo: Deep Burger - Facebook)