Ice pops, rose-shaped ice cream, scoops inside a chimney cake - we went all in to test 70 ice cream parlours in Budapest this summer to bring you our favourite ones. We made sure to cover the most iconic sights, so we handpicked shops close to the Basilica, Váci utca, City Park, and Margaret Island. But we also recommend more hidden gems in the vicinity of Római-part, Philosopher’s Garden, and Széllkapu Park.



Szaletly is a brilliant Hungarian restaurant close to City Park. We love the cuisine, but their ice cream counter is quite something too. They make fantastic ice creams, delicious, luscious, and natural. There is no razzle-dazzle, just 100% of the flavour you read on the sign. It’s become one of the most popular ice cream shops of the summer, plus the little stand and the matching chairs and umbrellas are lovely. Great fruit-cream flavour ratio, too. 

  • Price: HUF 95/dkg
  • WLP tip: Blackcurrant yuzu, Indian mango sorbet, Raspberry dark chocolate 


Cioccolatte - Pes

On Pozsonyi út, a stone's throw away from Margaret Island, Cioccolatte ice cream parlour is a big favourite. It is owned by a couple who are either Italian or have Italian roots, Szilvia and Giuliano. They share a passion for ice cream, so much so that they went all the way to Italy to learn from the best. In the summer, they invite you on a special journey for their annual Sweet Escape, where each week you can try a new imitation flavour that evokes the unique gastronomy of a faraway land. In addition to the specialities, they have also renewed several fruit ice creams made with ingredients from local farmers and now with an even higher fruit content. 

  • Price: classic flavours – HUF 550, gourmet flavours – HUF 600 (1 spread approx. 50 g)
  • WLP tip: raspberry, salty pistachios



Giandó was founded by three young Italians in a small alley close to the famous shopping street, Váci utca. Here you can experience a Mediterranean passion for ice cream alongside friendly service. They are constantly innovating, with a variety of pistachio ice creams and very fruity flavours, as well as their own ice creams and ice cream sandwiches, and even affogato, i.e. black coffee served with a scoop of Fior di latte. 

  • Price: HUF 100/dkg (1 spread 50 g)
  • WLP tip: mango, fior di latte ice cream
  • sugar-free flavours are also available


Minus11 – Roman Beach

Római-part, a local-favourite riverside spot in the summer, boasts a top-notch ice cream parlour, too. Minus11’s compromise-free ice creams might not be available in sugar-free form but are made with excellent ingredients. You can taste 10 flavours at a time, including both regular and seasonal treats. 

  • Price: HUF 560/scoop
  • WLP tip: muscovado, Caribbean stuff


Anjuna Ice Pops -

If you are looking to cool down in the vicinity of Széll Kálmán tér, try Széllkapu Park for shade and fountains and Anjuna for ice pops! You can sample several flavours at the latter, with the ice cream treat base customised with dips and toppings. This year, they have also innovated with waffle pops, which can also be made even more exciting with different toppings and fruits. Anjuna has shops in several locations, which you can check here.

  • Price: HUF 1,250/ice pop
  • WLP tip: mango – passion fruit with no added sugar
  • sugar-free options


Gelateria Pichler

Only one thing can be tastier than the ice cream of Hungarian pastry chef Balázs Damniczki, his ice cream in a chimney cake. Gelateria Pichler brings you this very experience, as the ice-cold creamy scoops arrive in a specially developed crispy chimney cake and the unmistakable smell of caramelised sugar wafts through the room. Less sweet tooths can have it with fruit ice cream, and hedonists can have it with pistachio cream or (for even more pleasure) with several scoops of ice cream. And as a returning customer, you can also request a loyalty card to get every fifth chimney cake for free. 

  • Price: HUF 2,000 (2 scoops in a chimney cake)
  • WLP tip: salted caramel
  • sugar-free options


Gelarto Rosa Grande

The famous rose-shaped ice creams can be found close to St Stephen’s Basilica. They are pretty and absolutely delicious, not to mention that they brighten up any Instagram feed. Gelarto Rosa has come of age this year, and on their 18th birthday, customers are in for a treat as they will be celebrating with a new range of 5 new flavours of alcoholic ice cream.

  • Price: HUF 1,300 (small portion, 2 flavours)
  • WLP tip: vanilla, peaches & prosecco
  • vegan options



Not only delicious ice cream but also the lovable side of Italian mass culture, the world of Bud Spencer films and football play an important role at Vittorio, with the Italian Vittorio as the ice cream master. The shop, which is close to Nyugati railway station, usually offers a little over ten flavours to choose from at a time. Sitting outside the ice cream shop can make you feel like you’re somewhere in Rome. It’s a local favourite.

  • Price: HUF 500 (1 spread, approx. 5 dkg)
  • WLP tip: dairy-free raspberry, Inter (white chocolate, named after the football team)
  • dairy-free options


MAMO gelato

Ráday utca is considered Budapest's gastro hub. No surprise you will find an ice cream parlour here, too. MAMO is usually very busy, but it's worth a little queuing. They serve Italian ice cream, with around 120 different flavours varied and listed on the wall behind the counter. Their flavours are spread with a shovel rather than scooped, the authentic Italian way. We prefer the creamy versions, which we have found to be MAMO’s forte. They usually have 15 flavours of ice cream at a time. Do you like affogato? They’ll make it for you!

  • WLB tip: mango yoghurt, pistachio almond cream
  • sugar-free and dairy-free options



We’re so lucky to have Fragola in so many Budapest locations because as soon as you see the iconic strawberry design (fragola meaning ‘strawberry’), you’ll be relieved to find out you’re in the right place. The quality has been consistent and great for 12 years. Whether it’s a fruit ice cream, a creamy fantasy, or a free-from version, you’re always treated to intense and memorable flavours. Every year they introduce new innovations; they don’t just follow the trend, they set it.

  • WLB tip: Nutella, grapefruit, lemon-mint, Campari-orange
  • sugar-free and vegan options 


Naspolya Nassolda

We visited the Mecca of raw veganism, close to focal Deák Ferenc tér, and were pleased to see that a decent-sized ice cream counter has been installed. Our prayers have been answered, say Naspolya regulars, as well as those who follow a plant-based diet but can’t resist ice cream. Now is their time, because this stand only serves vegan ice cream, many of which are sugar-free. Pistachio and hazelnut chocolate sorbet without a creamy base? Yes, please.

  • WLB tip: mango, sugar-free coconut, Williams pear
  • All ice creams are vegan and dairy-free, but they also offer sugar-free options.



On a charming little square with a Mediterranean feel, you’ll find a lovely little shop where every ice cream has a soul. Quite literally; as at Kedveskrém, each flavour is represented by personalised characters, which makes children and grown-ups alike want to try them even more. There are usually 8 flavours available at a time, which you can enjoy during a walk to Batthyány tér (a top-notch spot for capturing the Parliament).

  • Price: HUF 600/scoop
  • WLB tip: cinnamon plum, raspberry, peach
  • sugar-free and dairy-free options


Gelateria Pomo D'Oro

The gelato at this ice cream parlour, close to Szabadság tér, was already excellent back in the day. Times have changed, and the number of quality ice cream shops has increased, but Pomo D’Oro is still dear to our hearts. This is where we had our first super pistachio ice cream and realised that mango ice cream might be sweet but also tart. And we still can’t get enough of the Fior di latte. We always stop for at least one scoop whenever we pass by. 

  • Price: HUF 590–690/flavour
  • WLB tip: pistachio, fior di latte, salted caramel 


Füge Shop and Café

Füge is the first shop of the family that also owns Mikrokosmos (see below). It is a small deli and café on Gellért Hill, where the nearby Philosopher’s Garden invites you for a short, refreshing stroll. You’re sure to find ice cream that suits the occasion from the approximately 20 flavours on offer.

  • Price: HUF 500/scoop (special and free-from options: HUF 650)
  • WLB tip: gooseberry, wine mousse-amarena
  • sugar-free options


Kő Fagy

Starting as an adorable ice cream shop at Lake Balaton, Kő fagyi? is now a must-try on Budapest's vibey Bartók Béla út. You can usually pick from around 20 different types of ice cream at a time, with ingredients from Italy and fruit from small Hungarian producers. The flavours are characterised by simplicity, with no 3-4 flavour blends or fancy made-up names, but there are alcoholic ice creams and seasonal favourites.

  • Price: HUF 500/scoop
  • WLB tip: beer ice cream, elderberries (seasonal)
  • dairy-free and sugar-free options



It seems like artsy Bartók Béla út has become the place to go for ice cream this year, as right next to Kő fagyi? Mikrokosmos also offers top-notch scoops. The place is the new ice cream parlour of the family-run Füge Shop and Café, which has been operating for seven years, and offers the usual treats. The new unit offers 24 flavours, including seasonal specialities, and a permanent selection of fruit, cheesecake, and chocolate flavours.

  • Price: HUF 500/scoop (special and free-from options: HUF 650)
  • WLB tip: mango, almond-orange
  • sugar-free options



Csöpi is the ice cream parlour of popular café-bakery Budai 2, on the Buda side, close to Széll Kálmán tér. Their ice cream is frozen in round containers at a temperature between -11 and -12 °C. You’ll find traditional flavours, as well as curiosities like the Jivara lime sorbet, which is a milk chocolate-lime ice cream, or one of our favourites, the Dulcey mango, which reminds us of caramel milk with mango notes. You’ll also find Caribbean chocolate, organic lemon sorbet, Fior di latte, or túrós batyu (a Hungarian sweet pastry made with cheese curd). There are also sugar-free options, and gluten-intolerant customers can ask for their portion in a gluten-free cone.

  • Price: HUF 500/scoop, 650/premium scoop
  • WLB tip: Dulcey mango.
  • There are sugar-free options, and you can also ask for a gluten-free cone.



The classic confectionery on restaurant hub Ráday utca was one of the first places in town to get really delicious ice cream. Fortunately, they haven’t changed over the years, usually offering a choice of 10-15 refreshing flavours. You can sample their excellent ice creams while taking a stroll at Nehru part, a park on the bank of the Danube between Bálna and Petőfi Bridge.

  • Price: HUF 500/scoop
  • WLB tip: cherry, cinnamon
  • Sugar-free options are also available.


Artigiana Gelati

The ice cream parlour on Csaba utca, close to the Money Museum, has been a reliable point in Buda for 33 years. It’s the ideal place for those who believe in tradition and consider Italy to be the birthplace of ice cream, where the true masters pour goodness into the cones based on what they learned there. Generations have learnt that the Italian ice cream of Csaba utca is infallible and of the same quality as that dictated by the Mediterranean country.

  • WLB tip: raspberry, banana chocolate, Opera
  • lactose-free and vegan options



They take ice cream seriously at Gelmondo, too. When the season arrives, the ice cream shop on Lövőház utca (close to Buda's lush Széllkapu Park) is a real base for locals looking for Italian vibes and quality gelato. Their counter is brimming with both fruity and creamy flavours, but they also sell excellent coffee. We like to sit on the pedestrian street, forget everything, and just scoop in our compromise-free delicacy. 

  • WLB tip: chocolate biscuits, pistachios, Eszterházy
  • sugar-free and vegan options