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April has not spoiled us with spring-appropriate weather so far, but now, we are ready for fleecy clouds and bright sunshine. So sharing the list of our favourite outdoor spots is due: get ready to sip on wine spritzers, nibble and dine al fresco on panoramic terraces and secret gardens. Let the spring begin!



Fellini is a pioneer: it filled the Római-part (Roman Embankment) with style at a time when other food spots were just measuring hakes without much ambience. They didn’t close down for the winter and opened for the season mid-spring. Even the changeable April didn’t put them off. Their snacks are always delicious, even more with a lemonade, beer, or wine spritzer in hand. There is always a dog or two by your side, and children’s voices fill the air: this is Fellini at its peak. And when the evening comes, you’re treated to exquisite musical entertainment.


Mad Garden Buda

Last year’s big hit was the Mad Scientist beer spot in Óbuda, in the cosy garden next to the former Selyemgombolyító (Silk Factory). Fortunately, pints and talks have returned for the season. There is already so much on the agenda that it is hard to keep up. This year's repertoire will include sunset concerts every other Thursday, Mad Game Nights, plant markets, plant swaps, activities for dogs, and roundtable discussions, in addition to, of course, cool premium beers and organic wines.



Tereza, home to the downtown Mexican fiestas, has also opened. Even though we like the atmosphere indoors, frozen margaritas in the garden on Nagymező Street (watch out for specials on Mondays and Thursdays!) and Taco Tuesdays are even more of a turn-on. We like to relax here, between the two protective firewalls – not even a windy evening can spoil our mood.



Overlapping food spots await city dwellers on NépszigetKabinWasser, and Perem are all lined up. You’ll have a hard time choosing, but you’ll get over this hesitation mostly depending on availability, and settle wherever you’ll find an empty table. It’s always nice to watch the Danube and the sunset from here, listen to acoustic or DJ music, and reflect on how grateful we can be for this newly found function of Népsziget.



Sinus curve, retro, burger, park, macifröccs (a classic Hungarian white wine spritzer with raspberry syrup), freedom – Pántlika is perfect just as it is, and the whole town knows it. So much so that you have to hunt for free tables after work or at weekends. Of course, this issue is always solved in the end, and you can sit back and enjoy a burger and a spritzer on the checkered oilcloth. And if you take our advice, try the pancakes and cottage cheese dumplings, which are excellent here.


Zsiráf Buda

The neighbourhood has been hungry and thirsty for a terrace like this, which offers perhaps the most beautiful sight in mid-spring: the cherry trees of Széllkapu are in bloom. Their menu is all Italian: Neapolitan pizzas, caprese as finger food, and the whole thing is topped off with creamy tiramisu. As for the drinks, there’s nothing you won’t find here: beers, wines, spritzers, and cocktails are all on the menu.


Csendes tár

Whether you pop in for a coffee or spend an all-night get-together with friends, Csendes near the Károlyi Garden feels like a Parisian park. And when the colourful lights turn on in the evening, you’ll be completely soaked up by the vibes. The only thing that brings us back down to earth is the little green seats, which we could never get to grips with, but after a wine spritzer or two, it’s no longer a bother. 


Kert bis

You could say that this garden in Zugló is secluded, as you can’t see from the outside that such a large and cosy garden comes to life every day behind the former wine house. The barbecue terrace offers smoky summer flavours, while the entire menu at A Kert Bisztró follows the international trend, modern in design but never overdone. For lunch, dinner, or a toast with friends, this is a great place where you’ll always receive dedicated hospitality.


Halas Guszti

On the banks of the Danube by Ráckeve-Soroksár you will find the colourful, cheerful, and always excellent fish stalls of Halas Guszti, which also features a pleasant garden. In high season, we mostly visit the spot when we’re headed to Molnár Island, but we’ve also come here specifically for hake or crispy bream. Of course, the experience is incomplete without chips and pickles, and to be fair, this menu calls for cherry beer too. It’s a dog-friendly place with a harbour, so it’s accessible by boat.


Kis Lu

One of our favourite Mediterranean-influenced squares in the Palace District is Mikszáth Square. Here, too, the terraces converge, and several styles and catering meet, but you can’t go wrong with Kis Lumen, a tiny café that booms in the terrace season. Dog and bike owners come to relax in this pleasant spot after work or on the weekend. It really is a special little corner of Budapest, and it’s always nice to come back!


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