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5 fresh spots for great vegan food in Budapest

It is becoming increasingly easier to be a vegan in Budapest, as countless places keep popping up in town to offer appetizing alternatives for people who do not consume animal products. We always try to highlight freshly opened vegan havens, and now as the arrival of summertime increases our cravings for various energy-boosting vitamins and minerals, we once again present a roundup of new or lesser-known restaurants and shops that are highly recommended for human herbivores.

Elixir brought truly unique colors to the Budapest vegan palette. This restaurant previously stood on Szondi Street, mostly focusing on home delivery, but now it moved to the special Auróra közösségi ház to offer lunch and dinner options for vegetarians and vegans in an isolated spot, and also deliver their delicacies to homes. Almost all dishes are made by the same person, Ádám Soós, with only minimal help between noon and 9:30pm, amid an atmoshpere that feels just like visiting a friend’s place. Among their delicious dishes you can find Indian lentil soup, soy stew with coconut milk and spicy polenta, a sesame-spinach dish with corn balls and rice cake, and a zucchini-red lentil pepper stew with millet. Something that is a must-have here is the gluten-free hamburger (1,300 HUF) that comes with a black-bean patty, and their pizza which is gluten-free and vegan at the same time (1,600 HUF), so it is suitable for everyone. Their lunch specials cost 1,200 forints.

Address: Budapest 1087, Auróra u. 11

Vegan love on Bartók Béla Avenue places a focus on truly tasty burgers, but besides that, what makes this place truly special is the team of Magic Burger working hard here, too, offering vegans meatless treats. Even though many people think that these two venues wouldn’t mix, we think that their openness should be appreciated – mainly because their dishes may be addictive if you’re not careful. They offer BBQ tofu burgers (1,490 HUF) with spelt and pumpkin-seed buns; smoky tofu steaks marinated in a barbeque sauce; sweet potato burgers (1,490 HUF) with roasted zucchini, beetroot-horseradish cream, radish, cheddar “cheese”, and salad; and curry-lentil burgers (1,490 HUF). We tried the shiitake mushroom guinoaburger (1,590 HUF) and a Vegan Chili Dog (1,590 HUF) which came with spelt baguette and soy sausage. There is also a self-service salad bar inside, where we can put pita pockets and salads together to our liking.

At this strangely-named shop, (with its name translating to “The Heart of Heaven”) found near Keleti Railway Station, we only find six chairs, a counter, and a few shelves packed with bio goods – however, in the kitchen they cook mouthwatering courses that come at friendly prices. This unit was opened by a family from Malaysia in the second half of 2015, so the language they speak is mostly English – maybe that is the reason why it was mainly foreigners filling their bellies here at the time of our visit. The owners said that this is very often the case, and they don’t really understand why the summer tourist season is busier than the rest of the year, but they think it might be because locals are not yet persuaded by the perks of a vegan lifestyle. During out visit we tried an oat-patty-based burger with plenty of vegetables (599 HUF), and tasted the lunch menu, which included a vegetable stew, roasted soy, and some salad (small size 699 HUF, medium 999 HUF, large 1,299 HUF). An Asian touch can be sensed in the dishes, but they try to place emphasis on the favored flavors of an international kitchen. We definitely recommend this place if you’re ever nearby.

Address: Budapest 1078, Nefelejcs út 3

Slow Foodiez opened towards the end of 2015, with a main profile of serving breakfasts and lunches. Their concept keeps up with the vegetarian-vegan-raw trend, offering breakfast options that are a must-try even for carnivores: their menu features vegan omlettes (790 HUF), breakfast plates (1,290 HUF), homemade bread, and vegan French toast with tomatoes. Their opening hours have recently changed, now they are open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am-6pm.



Vegan Webshop – V-express

V-Express is an online business that kicked off in 2015, offering vegan ingredients that are hard to find even at bio shops. Obviously all of their products are free from animal products and any other additives, so they are also suitable for people with allergies, or people on a special diet. Among the assortment we mostly find “cheese specialities, cold cuts, energy bars, meat substitutes, chocolates, and sweets. We found the vegan tortellini, the ravioli, the vegan smoked bacon bits”, assorted snacks, and the vegan mayo the most interesting. The webshop has a small unit in Vörösmarty Street that serves as a pickup spot for orders, and besides that they also do home delivery. We don’t think that the second option is too beneficial, as it is relatively expensive (the delivery charge for up to two kilograms of products costs 1,090 HUF, up to 5 kg it is 1,390 HUF, and up to 10 kg it is 1,590 HUF). Their most important plan for the foreseeable future is to open their own store.

Address: Budapest 1064, Vörösmarty u. 61

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