It’s a common phrase, that Hungarians are talented. Can it be just a stereotype? Maybe, or may not. But it’s undeniable, that Hungarian geniuses work in research laboratories, they design fabulous cars, paintings of our artists travel around the world and in the Netherlands people gladly open a bottle of delicious Aszú in time of celebrations. Hungary gives specialty to the world, if we allow people to look into our art through Hungarian creations. What is more, a good glass of wine tastes better, if it has history.



This question made us to discover the stories of Hungarian design wines. It’s not like stories or history, just a small mirror, in which we can see ourselves. Or a window opening for a new world. Whether we look in or out of it, it helps to understand the Hungarian folk’s world and wines. Here come our labels mixed with sweet wines, which you can find in several wine bars and stores in Budapest.


MOONVALLEY WINES TOKAJ: Hold and Hollo Dry and Sweet

The glasses of Moonvalley winery are covered by silicone. This is not a usual Tokaj wine label, there’s no place of gold or elegance to tell, it comes from the famous Tokaj wine region. Domed forms can remind you some printing games from your childhood; the only question is: to whom this extra modern design was created?


Gere Wine Cellar: Frici (Gyöngyözőbor)

A wine for women! And not just because of its appearance! But before we get to know it, let’s turn it around a bit, as today’s transparent label is appearing on the bottle. It’s not fussy, but young, and colors are feminine. The huge outlines of the logo tells about a big bottled bubble.


János Bolyki: Hazug Mókus (Liar Squirrel)

A bunny, or a squirrel’s sitting in the grass…namely in a circle. Moreover he’s a liar. Do you feel the disharmony? It’s not brand new from János Bolyki, whose wine bottles are playful and dissonant which brings wine to life. Every essential elements can be found on the labels, including the Ördöngős Nyúl (Tricky Bunny), Tévéoroszlán (TV Lion) and Vízilovas zebra (Hippo Zebra). It’s a nice bedtime story for kids, while parents are sipping wine.


Csabi Miklós: Mr and Mrs Blan

Mr and Mrs Blan have been walking in the same shoes for a long time as Csabi Miklós’s two bottles show. Hot elegance, simple tracing, astounding choice of pictures. Who knows, if the neighbour guy takes the hot red or glittering black with him, for the evening date? The minimalist character goes with two attractive shoes and makes us smile to spend a night with him.


Dobogó Wine Cellar: Street Izabella

It’s rare if a wine is named after a street, but it really matches Dobogó Wine Cellar. The name of Izabella Zwack is interlocked with the street name boards and memories on the sides of Budapest's houses and buildings. There couldn’t be a more simple and fine choice! It’s easy to recognize where this wine comes from, but it’s name is more important, which makes it a true aristocrat.


Sauska Wine Cellar: Chardonnay

Wines are being ripened in Sauska winery, where not only the technology, but also the labels are perfect. They are simple, clear-out, and letters avoid every kind of organic elements. However, the small circle in the middle of the label is a roaring success indeed, which is the visual trademark of Sauska wines. Colours are like the newest generations, in harmony with the capsule. You’ll definitely take it home, as it’s a conspicuous phenomenon!


Bujdosó Wine Cellar: Rosecco

Those who like bubbled drinks, Bujdosó Wine Cellar has a nicely customized wine. Fizzy, jolly colors, and nice taste, that’s Rosecco. After opening the bottle, a great party is guaranteed on board. Nothing left, just to enjoy the cool breeze!


Bodry Wine Cellar: QV

Sometimes it is really the case: less is much. More time for the designers to make up, more time for the consumers to find out the meaning of the two lonely letters. And if one succeedes to read them correctly, that makes you feel great „Yes, I did it!”. Bodri Wine Cellar’s label of QV (to be pronounced in Hungarian as cuvée) is grate in its nobel simplicity!


Etyeki Hall: White hall

A girlboy is lost on the label of the Etyki Kúria’s wine. Or are we withnessing the cosmic union? Simplicity, charm, duality is radiating from the surface, in accordance with the clear-outness of the design. The message is clear: this wine is to be consumed by both girls and boys, during a card game for instance. And together it is even more exciting!


Csaba Demeter: 18

Surprisingly or not, you had better not taste this wine under 18. Not that we would not like the taste of the inside content in our teenage period, but the label is strictly prohibitive for the minors.


St. Andrea Grapeland: Gosh!

The elegance line of St. Andre Grapeland’s labels is broken by the „akutyafáját” series. Or does it rather make it even stronger? One is for sure: the tipical phrase of the owner, György Lőrinc is appearing on the bottle, in a playful childbook like form.


Orsolya Wine Cellar: Abrakadabra

The childish theme turns up also on the wine label. This is not only due to the playful, youthful lines; the colorful design, but also to the designer herself, who is a very young girl. We experience a childish glamour of the graphical solution, but what is hidden inside? Well, it is seriously over 18.