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14/07/2020 2.30pm

Summer provides the unmissable opportunity to try adrenaline-boosting water sports, such as SUP, kayak/canoeing, wakeboarding and jet skiing. In this top selection, we introduce a few places in Budapest and nearby where you can get involved in these fun activities while the weather's warm and the water's lovely.

Photo: Rukkel-tó Waterpark / Facebook

Lake Rukkel Waterpark


Located south of Budapest at Dunavarsány, Lake Rukkel Waterpark is a great place to swim, top up your tan and try out its five-column wakeboard park. Beginners are welcome in the morning, as the course operates at a slower pace between 9-11am, while the afternoon is more suited to experienced wakeboarders. Formed by gravel mining, the lake also offers eight water slides as well as diving towers to jump off.

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Lake Lupa entices visitors with three wakeboard parks: the 260-metre long course was designed for people who have no previous experience in the sport, the slower, five-column one best for intermediate wakeboarders, while the six-column facility, enhanced with 20 extra features, is best suited for the real pros. The team at LukeWake offers individual coaching, as well as a summer camp and day care for little ones.

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Photo: Omszk Wakeboard Centrum / Facebook

Omszk Wakeboard Centre


Another must-visit for the lovers of wakeboarding is Omszk Lake, offering an all-around summertime experience with wake parks for both beginners and advanced riders, as well as children’s summer camps. In addition to student and small-group lessons, those who prefer a more solitary experience can enjoy gliding in private on the lake as well, before opening hours. For a more relaxed activity, SUP can also be tried out at the complex.

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Photo: SUP Budapest

SUP Budapest


In recent years, the popularity of stand-up paddle, SUP for short, has skyrocketed in Hungary, which can be largely attributed to the team of SUP Budapest. They host regular tours in and around the capital, kicking off at Római Part. Participants can admire the city at dawn while gliding down the Danube, feel closer to nature on the tours with Lupa-sziget as the destination, or watch shooting stars while rowing towards Egyfás-sziget.

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Photo: Supremium



The community spot of Supremium in Szigethalom is the perfect starting point to discover the fantastic wildlife around Ráckeve. There are no large boats to disturb the tranquillity of nature along this stretch of the Danube, which means that calm waters are guaranteed. In addition to tours, rowing workshops and training sessions are also organised by the team – although these are primarily for advanced riders, beginners should still feel free to look for Supremium’s other offers.

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Photo: SUP The Lifestyle / Facebook

SUP The Lifestyle


Organising SUP tours is the main activity at SUP The Lifestyle as well, offering both sunrise and sunset rowing sessions. You can glide down the river while gazing at Parliament, or admiring an idyllic view outside town, on a more secluded section of the Danube. The team pay special attention to training sessions, teaching from the basics all the way to making you familiar with advanced technical skills.

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Photo: BEAC

BEAC – ELTE Water Camp


The sports club of Eötvös Loránd University, BEAC (Budapest University Athletics Club) caters to those wishing to train as part of the association, as well as those who would like to give specific water sports a try, particularly paddle sports. Their water camp allows anyone to rent out a kayak or a canoe for a few hours only, but long-term training sessions are also possible between April and October, along the Ráckeve section of the Danube.

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Photo: Kolonics György Vízisport Központ / Facebook

Kolonics György Water Sport Centre


The Kolonics György Water Sport Centre in Csepel offers several types of kayaks and canoes. Apart from touring canoes, single and double touring boats and sea kayaks, the centre also offers ten- and 20-person dragon boats, which might serve as part of a great team-building experience. A hotel and a gym also feature in the complex. The riverside promenade here is a pleasant stroll in itself.

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Photo: Béke Csónakház / Facebook

Béke Csónakház


The Béke Csónakház on Római Part is one of the most popular places to rent out kayaks and canoes. In both cases, you can choose between a number of single and multi-person boats, which have a capacity of up to eight people. Everyone is welcome from amateurs to professional athletes, with life jackets and other mandatory equipment provided free of charge.

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Photo: Jet-Park / Facebook

Jet Park Fundy Lake


Just outside the south-eastern corner of Budapest, Fundy Lake encompasses a Jet Park where you can try out both seated and standing versions of jet-skiing, and staff provide proper training for everyone before letting them hop on these high-performance machines. After the necessary precautions, you can race along two courses marked by buoys across a eight-hectare water surface. In addition to jet skiing, you can also try the adrenalin-boosting flyboard or the more chill SUP on the lake.

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Photo: Palms Beach Jet Ski Tó / Facebook

Palms Beach Jet Ski Lake


The Palms Beach Jet Ski Lake between Bugyi and Délegyháza awaits those who want to jet ski on about 30 hectares of water. Among their equipment, there are two- and three-person machines, while the most adventurous sportsmen can race on jet skis of up to 300hp. But before you start, the expert team at the lake provide instruction lasting about ten minutes.

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