Starting June 28th, things are getting even more bucket-list-worthy at riverside Római-part! A picturesque section of the area turns into a free, open-air beach for the season, perfect for a refreshing swim in the Danube.

The atmospheric embankment Római-part, nestled in North Buda, earned its place on Condé Nast Traveler's '50 Things to Do in Europe Before You Die' list for a good reason. It's a little nostalgic and a lot chilled, a place where you can sit back on beach chairs, stroll barefoot on the pebbled shore, play with dogs, sip on fröccs (a local specialty of wine and sparkling water), and munch on fried fish. And now, you can also spread out your blanket on the city's only public beach, reopening for the season on June 28th

Until the national holiday on August 20th, you can take a refreshing dip in the Danube at a designated swimming area, marked by buoys, every day between 10 am and 7 pm. The beach is free to use and offers access to toilets, showers, a diaper-changing facility, and sunbeds, and there are also lifeguards on site. Daily water quality inspections ensure a safe swimming experience throughout the entire season.

The beach is located at  15-17 Kossuth Lajos üdülőpart. The nearest transport stop is Szent János utca, accessible via the 34 bus route, three stops from Rómaifürdő HÉV station. From there, it's a 15-minute walk to reach the beach.

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Római Part (‘Roman Embankment’) is a place of pilgrimage for those who like to spend time by the Danube

(Cober photo: Szabó Gábor - We Love Budapest)