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Embark on a gastronomic adventure around the world at Uncensored Restaurant


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03/02/2023 12.44pm

Budapest boasts exquisite restaurants, however, if you are looking to top the culinary treats with an extravagant experience, put Uncensored Restaurant on your list. Arriving at the spot, which is hands down one of the most unique restaurants in Budapest, feels like entering a speakeasy bar or a private members' club. Except you don't need a membership card here. The place hosts twenty guests at a time and is open only on selected evenings. The lucky twenty are treated to a six-course gastronomic adventure jazzed up with a visual journey around the world.

A unique experience and a compelling concept

Entering the Uncensored Restaurant, we instantly set off on a secret adventure. After taking a seat at one of the ten tables, the wall is lit with animation, presenting cuisines from around the world. The intense experience transports you to Japan, America or Brazil, almost making you forget that you are in Budapest.

An audio-visual three-dimensional video mapping runs on the walls

Photo: Uncensored Restaurant

In the meantime, the dishes arrive one by one, enlighted by tiny spotlights. All six courses evoke the cuisine of a different country, but it is not only the menu that takes us to faraway places in the world. Between serving the dishes, an animation runs on the walls around us, providing a 360-degree audio-visual three-dimensional video mapping and authentic music that connects you to the very own native roots of the showcased countries.

This animation transports us to Spain

Photo: Uncensored Restaurant

6 countries, 4 continents

Chef György Tivadar presents the cuisines of six countries through food: you can taste Hungary, Spain, Japan, China, the US, and Brazil. The meal starts with Hungarian Mangalitsa stew, which comes in a modern disguise. Then, Spain is on the table in the form of Charcoal grilled octopus, cauliflower and chorizo, bringing back memories of holidays spent in the Mediterranean region.

The main element of the Japanese course is tuna tataki

Photo: Uncensored Restaurant

Next, we travel to Japan as Tuna Tataki is served, accompanied by radish tempura, daikon salad, wasabi mayo, black sesame, and shimeji. China is naturally evoked by duck, with porcini, savoy cabbage, and shitake placed aesthetically on the plate too. The signature dish of the US is the 'Greater Omaha' beef ribs, with grilled sweetcorn, aromatized and smoked jus. And the pudding is saved for Brazil: you can crown your meal with the coconut dessert quindim.

Duck is the centrepiece of the Chinese dish

Photo: Uncensored Restaurant

'This concept allows us to provide a truly unique experience for our guests while our work also takes us to a different dimension. We prepare the same dishes every evening without the liberty to improvise. On the one hand, this is a restraint, but on the other, it turns us into perfectionists, which feels unbelievable. These courses are polished to excellence by now - says chef György Tivadar.

Keep an eye on the website and the Facebook page of the Uncensored Restaurant, as it is only open on specific evenings. Also, it only accommodates twenty guests at a time, so booking a table is highly recommended.

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