More cycle lanes to be created on major Budapest roads


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20/05/2022 5.07pm

With the blue metro 3 line slowly back with us and replacement buses fewer, along with changes in trolleybus routes, two main Budapest thoroughfares will soon become more cycle-friendly. The main avenue running south towards the airport, Üllői út, and Podmaniczky utca alongside Nyugati station, should be more accessible to those on two wheels.

Local enthusiasts I bike Budapest have just shared the good news that the bus lanes painted on Üllői út for metro replacement buses can also be used by cyclists. When the metro renovation is completed, these should remain as cycle lanes, alllowing Ferencváros, Kispest and Józsefváros to have a decent downtown connection via Üllői út.

Photo: Mudra László - We Love Budapest

Podmaniczky utca, meanwhile, will be accommodating fewer trolleybuses due to a change in routes. This will make the street easier for cyclists to use – between the Nagykörút and City Park – although riders should still let buses pass whenever possible.

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