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Városmajor park due for major renovation


  • We Love Budapest

06/01/2022 11.00am

There have long been plans to renovate Városmajor and now a tender has just been announced to create a winning design for it. During the development of the oldest public park in Buda, the green area will be expanded, the playground will be renovated and a running track will be installed, plus one of dogs.

Városmajor, the size of the 35 football fields, was the first public garden in Buda. Over time, the fast-growing city gradually surrounded and engulfed the park, encroaching on a favourite recreational area for many locals.

During the upcoming renovation, they will expand the green space, create clearings and a new water feature, modernise the playground and install sports facilities for all ages. A dog park is also planned.

Photo: Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Budapest

More details can be found on Facebook page of Balázs Fürjes, head of the Budapest Development Centre, which has joined forces with the Friends of Városmajor Park and the City to revitalise the park.

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