Close to the Buda end of Margaret Bridge, the small, cosy boutique of the Kazetta clothing brand has just opened, a café, showroom and social space in one. Here as you sip coffee from a uniquely made cup, you can interact with other guests and browse for T-shirts, hooded tops or trousers. Kazetta is a lovely oasis full of good energy, and another worthy addition to the many new operations now bringing the Margit Quarter to life.

Letti and Dani are a friendly young couple who started a joint venture together, originally dealing with the design, production and sale of streetwear. This was their online brand, Kazetta, as in the music tapes of the 1980s. During the pandemic, they came to the conclusion that they should open a place where you could not only pick up these clothes, but also browse them.

Since Dani has been working as a barista for many years and has good connections in this field, when business premises came up on Török utca, they thought that it could be more of a café, where you could also pick up clothes ordered online and try some on in the store. But Kazetta is first and foremost a café and social space, intimate and familial.

Given the name, the place nods towards retro – some of the furnishings are older than Letti or Dani, who both love items from the recent past, particularly clothing. Baggy is in, for example.

Planning is done together, then further work is divided between them. Letti sews and takes care of the business, Dani sifts the T-shirts, makes coffee, orders what’s needed and can usually be found at the store. By the way, they do everything themselves, a typical DIY operation: social media, photos, design, everything that is Kazetta, they take care of.

The recycled, environmentally conscious materials are ordered from abroad, usually Switzerland, and made into clothes (trousers, T-shirts, hoodies) and accessories (belts, baseball caps) in the workshop set up at home. The ceramic cups in which the coffee is served are made by Letti’s mother and sister. Each one is individual, no two pieces are alike.

They use Goosebumps specialty brand, and charge 500 forints for an espresso. Clothes are on the pricier side, 15,000-30,000 forints for a pair of trousers, 25,000 for a hoodie, 10,000 for a T-shirt. Items are hard-wearing and special online offers a regular occurrence.

Long-term plans include more seats for customers, including a terrace outside the store. They also provide opportunities for others, with clothes by other designers also displayed, not to mention works by visual artists and photographers. Retro dovetails with contemporary art, merging the present and the past as befits the brand.

Venue information

Kazetta Café & Showroom
1023 Budapest, Török utca 3 
Open: Mon-Sat 8am-6pm