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The Lemmïng café occupies a gallery space on the mezzanine level of a loft office building in Óbuda. Somewhat incongruously, the place feels comfortable while embracing the urban culture of skateboarders and disaffected youth. Over here is a snow globe with a headless dragon in it, over there a statue of Mary clad in camouflage. And then there’s the ominous giant Haribo teddy bear and the iconography from dystopian films of the 1980s. There’s only one similar place in town: Wömbät on Bartók Béla út. The similarity is no coincidence, as the two are partly overseen by the same people.

Residential houses line one side of Perc utca in Óbuda, loft-office buildings on the other, and this is where you find Lemmïng. From the outside, a sign indicates the door at number 2, through which a stairwell leads to a spiral staircase. Do a sharp left you’ll see the way up to the gallery on the mezzanine, and Lemmïng. You’d see it straight away, in fact, if you look up as soon as you enter the stairwell.

Lemmïng feels perfectly welcoming but the pretty soon you notice the plastic crow scaring pigeons and the poster for cult Swedish black-metal band Bathory.

The mascot figure of a lemming, is also displayed everywhere, its cross necklace inverted, its nose heart-shaped. Furnishings and visual elements nod to sundry subcultures.

Your barista Benjamin casually fixes your latte wearing his Cannibal Corpse hoodie, a man of many tattoos and piercings. He doesn’t bite – in fact, he sorts out your bagel with a smile.

Still very new, Lemmïng is adjusting to the fact that it’s integral to an office building, open from just before and until just after office hours on weekdays. It should soon attract a core of regulars, adjusting to sipping their Casino Mocca espresso tonic (HUF 990) and devouring their omelette (HUF 1,350) or pastrami bagel (HUF 2,350) surrounded by headless dragons and scary plastic crows.

Venue information

1036 Budapest, Perc utca 2
Open: Mon-Fri 7.30am-5.30pm


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