Two friends, one behind the popular chain Le Petit Boulanger, have got together to open a new brunch venue and bakery. Chez Hanna takes its name from Szenes Hanna Park, a small green island hidden among the busy streets of Pest.

Gábor Kauser from Le Petit Boulanger bakeries and his old friend Richárd Siklósi have just opened a new delicatessen together. Here in Chez Hanna, apart from French favourites, sweet cakes and popular brunch dishes, you can also find delicacies from small-batch, local producers.

In the bustling area between Izabella utca, Király utca and Dob utca, it’s hard to find a place to sit down, relax and enjoy a coffee. Szenes Hanna Park, being given a spring makeover is now just such a place. As long as the weather is too cold to take a seat at the tables outside, the romantic, floral wallpaper of the interior and the coloured glass lamps will provide cosiness.

The offer at Chez Hanna includes the high-quality éclairs (HUF 1,090) and other French treats from Le Petit Boulanger, as well as Hungarian classics such as Rákóczi túrós cake (HUF 1,090). You can also opt for a classic French breakfast and start the morning with the trio of coffee, orange juice and croissant, aka le petit déjeuner” (HUF 1,490), but you can also choose a Croque Madame (HUF 2,490) or a Croque Monsieur (HUF 2,490).

Apart from the French delicacies, you can also find salads and Viennese sausages (HUF 1,490), as the goal was to create a breakfast outlet which caters to an extensive clientele. Specialities include molnárka sandwiches (HUF 1,790-1,990), for which the brioche base is provided by artisanal bakery A kis pékinas. One particular favourite is the salmon-horseradish cream sandwich (HUF 1,990).

As for coffee, Chez Hanna uses a Brazilian and Indian blend 82% arabica and 18% robusta from the Italian Le Piantagioni Del Caffè brand. The beans are moderately dark roasted, so they represent a pleasant middle ground between the traditional and new-wave. An eespresso is 490 forints, cappuccino 790.

The place also functions as a small delicatessen, selling baked goods, creams, jams and dairy products. Milk comes from the Maszlik Family Farm, but the selection also includes pâtés, artisanal honey, Italian and French wine.

Venue information

Chez Hanna
1077 Budapest, Jósika utca 22
Open: Tue-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-2pm