Foreigners without a TAJ Card may now register for vaccine via new link


  • Gretchen Kessler

04/05/2021 11.26am

A new option has been made available on the Vakcinainfó website for foreigners without a TAJ Card to register for the vaccine. The vaccine is voluntary and remains free of charge.

Those wishing the register for the vaccine are now able to do so without a TAJ number, as is detailed on Vakcinainfó's website in English. Registrants are asked to input their name, age, email address and phone number, and indicate whether or not they have a TAJ Card.

"If you register and approve further contact," says the website, "you will receive instant information about the vaccine and what to do next".

It is important to note that the order in which people are vaccinated does not have to do with the order in which they register, but rather their vulnerability to the disease. 

Information on when non-Hungarians will receive their Immunity Certificate remains to be confirmed.  

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