Amore di Napoli: A taste of Naples in Buda


  • Péter Blazsovszky

20/05/2021 11.04am

Ákos Tar’s new pizzeria beckons lovers of Italian cuisine with its uncompromising attitude, secret pasta recipes and bright surroundings. We visited Amore di Napoli to see for ourselves.

Professional pizzaiolo Ákos came home from Switzerland in 2019 after five years abroad, determined to open his own Neapolitan pizzeria in the Buda district of Lágymányos where he grew up – specifically 30 metres from his new restaurant on Budafoki út.

Ákos Tar

Photo: Csudai Sándor - We Love Budapest

He previously worked with figures such as World Champion Pizza Maker Giulio Scalpi, a sous-chef at the five-star Swiss Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau, and Luca Mottarlini, a former chef at Ristorante La Botte in District V, now a silent partner in the new business.

Alé Napoli alé!

Photo: Csudai Sándor - We Love Budapest

A neat interior and striking façade echoes the colours of Napoli football club, blue and white. The place is exactly what it should be: a damn good, casual, youthful pizzeria, the menu more a word-of-mouth affair to encourage visitors to ask questions. These spark conversations, and so you come away with a far more satisfying, and educational, guest experience.

The pizza oven cooks in 69 seconds at 450 degrees

Photo: Csudai Sándor - We Love Budapest

Beyond the raw ingredients and cooking process, they duly pay homage to the football god of Naples, Diego Maradona. The ricotta di bufala, parmesan, pepper, pancetta, basil and extra virgin olive oil are meant to symbolise the divine Diego.

Photo: Csudai Sándor - We Love Budapest

Ákos wishes to educate regulars with his own taste, style and directness, but at the same time, he is motivated by finding his own audience. His approach, therefore, does not allow for the use of sweetcorn or pineapple on pizzas, a bizarre Hungarian habit and one which would be laughed out of court in Naples.

Pizza Maradona – Ricotta di bufala D.O.P., parmezán, bors, pancetta, bazsalikom, extraszűz olívaolaj

Photo: Csudai Sándor - We Love Budapest

Prices are more than friendly. A margherita is 1,790 forints, the Parma-ham-and-truffle-oil Bella Italia 2,790, while the aforementioned iconic Maradona pizza is HUF 2,690, all other pizzas falling in between.

Photo: Csudai Sándor - We Love Budapest

Fresh produce is especially important where Neapolitan pizzas are concerned, so consuming in situ is probably best, if possible. Plus this means you can chat to Ákos about pizzas, the ingredients and any salient background history. With crowds building up already, it won’t be long before he’ll be too busy to talk shop.

Amore di Napoli
District XI. Budafoki út 16
Current opening hours: Mon-Sat 11.30am-9.45pm 

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