The most beautiful time to visit Budapest’s Castle District is in spring, when the cherry trees are in bloom along Tóth Árpád sétány overlooking the battlements. Our star photographer Sándor Csudai went out to capture the pretty seasonal scenes.

Tóth Árpád sétány provides the most attractive stroll around the Castle District. The promenade was originally designed in the early 1700s, when it was named Lange Wand, the Long Wall. In the 1720s, a double row of trees was installed, marked on maps 100 years later.

With Buda Castle completely destroyed during the Siege of Budapest in early 1945, the walkway was cleared of rubble and renamed in 1946 after the poet who had previously lived nearby.

For several years, the road was mostly shaded by chestnuts and maples. The ornamental cherry trees, which produce the bright pink blossoms in spring, were only installed along the outer row in 2006 and 2009, in two stages, when renovation was carried out in the area. 

Since then, the citizens of Buda have enjoyed a colourful stroll every year – as these wonderful photos now show!