Designer and artist Miklós Kiss has created something unique on a global scale: a public toilet with pop art packaging.

Move over ruin pubs, escape rooms, and even the Pinball Museum – Budapest boasts another unique attraction! Pop & Roll Art Toilet is a one-of-a-kind experience: it masterfully merges the seemingly ordinary (using the restroom) with the extraordinary (visual art). The best part? It works! You might find yourself yearning for a 'bathroom break' just to revisit this artistic haven (even if nature doesn't call).



beneath the Budapest Madame Tussauds in Dorottya utca, downtown Budapest. Accessible from both the street and museum, its future remained unclear. Being a former restroom posed a challenge, and that's when the idea struck: approaching artists! Could they envision something special in this unusual space? Most declined, but Miklós Kiss, a former student of Dóra Maurer at the University of Fine Arts, where he studied graphics and painting, saw potential. An unwanted toilet? The perfect canvas for a bold and provocative creation, blurring the lines between visual art and design!

Miklós, along with a 3D modelling expert, an architect, and a team of skilled craftsmen (mosaic artists, cabinetmakers, and even a sound, light, scent, and music specialist), brought the vision to life. The toilet opened discreetly, relying solely on word-of-mouth to spread the news.


Miklós Kiss has crafted a cohesive universe around his signature artwork. It's a witty commentary on modern society, particularly our obsession with social media and selfies. On a more personal level, the piece also reflects on Miklós' own artistic journey. The very toilets themselves become central elements, not just functional fixtures but defining objects from his childhood and youth (think late 80s and 90s pop culture).

Describing the full experience in words would be futile. It's a sensory explosion best experienced first-hand. Prepare to wander through a maze-like wonderland, perhaps even forgetting your original purpose. Expect to encounter a lost collection of childhood toys, dazzling tiles reminiscent of Eastern European bath culture, emojis transformed into cheerful faces and pictograms, and playful references to iconic games like Tamagotchi, Space Invaders, and Super Mario. The men's and women's cubicles deserve special mention – each one is a unique masterpiece within this grand artistic creation.

The bizarre fusion of a public toilet and a gallery costs HUF 1,000, which is a tiny price to pay compared to a museum ticket, and only slightly more than a regular public toilet fee. It goes towards maintaining the immaculate state – the dedicated staff cleans every half hour, ensuring it always feels freshly opened.

Adding to the immersive experience, Pop & Roll boasts a custom fragrance and even original music, composed as the soundtrack to a fictional video game! But the artistic journey even goes further! Two additional attractions flank the Pop & Roll, each with separate entrances, side by side, on Dorottya utca. Right next to the toilet is a design shop with a wide range of interesting and creative items from furniture to board games and children's books. Some of the artworks on display in the toilet can also be bought in the shop, but not only Miklós' designs are available here but also works by other renowned Hungarian and international artists. Next to it, a pop-art gallery hosts Miklós Kiss's exhibition until May 24th, providing a deeper dive into the artist's work. 

Both the design shop and the gallery are open Wednesday to Sunday, between 11 am and 6 pm.

 Pro Tip: While the shop and gallery are worth exploring, experiencing the one-of-a-kind Pop & Roll Art Toilet should be your first priority! The toilet is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.


Pop&Roll Art Toilet

(Borítókép: Herendi Dániel)