After a 7-month hiatus for maintenance, the Zugliget Chairlift is ready to transport passengers in the picturesque Buda Hills once again. Just in time for the promised arrival of spring this weekend, it's a great way to enjoy some fresh air and nature, before setting off on a hike with the family.

After a short break, the Zugliget Chairlif ('Libegő' in Hungarian), an adorable mode of transportation in the scenic Buda Hills, will be back in action from April 27th! That means you can enjoy a ride from Zugliget to János Hill with a light breeze touching your face and your feet dangling above blooming trees. It's a must-try attraction for outdoor enthusiasts, advanced tourists, lovebirds and families with kids too.

On Saturday, after undergoing maintenance over the past 7 months, the doors will swing back open, offering some serious panoramic trips. To access the Chairlift, you'll need valid tickets, with return (two-trip) tickets costing HUF 3,500. You can reach the Chairlift by taking bus 291 from Nyugati station to its final stop. 

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