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Thousands of plants bedded in the renovated botanical garden at City Park


  • Fürdős Zsanett

18/12/2020 9.29am

City Park has just welcomed thousands of new visitors to its botanical garden: 335 different types of plants, surrounded by paths and a water feature. With everyone spending more time amid nature, here you can find peace and quiet as you peruse the plants, each one helpfully provided with a name tag.

A beautiful botanical garden has been created within City Park – or rather, re-created. The original garden was first opened in 1967, but its condition deteriorated over the decades.

Photo: Liget Budapest

Named after a renowned landscape architect, the Mihály Mőcsényi Botanical Garden has seen more than 35,000 plants bedded, 335 different species in all. Although he died in 2017, Mihály Mőcsényi himself helped formulate the tender for the renewal of City Park.

Photo: Liget Budapest

This little corner also housed herbs and spices, a kitchen garden, fruit and a rock garden. It was centrepieced by a rain hut which also become more and more dilapidated. A new building now replaces it, an outlet for food and drink, and an information point.

The bubbling water feature and pergola with two pools have been restored, with a network of streams running around the site, fed by a spring, with pools and a little wildlife.

A trail guides visitors around the garden, while a Kneipp path will open in summer for those looking to improve their sense of balance – providing they walk barefoot along it.

Located nearby are a dog park and an illuminated running track, to help canines and humans get fit.

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