The annual Budapest Startup Safari begins on Thursday, 23 April, and like many other popular events in current times, the two-day conference has been moved entirely online. All the big guns of the international start-up world will be present, offering six thematic courses with close to 150 items on the agenda, hosted by speakers from 18 different countries worldwide.

The Budapest Startup Safari is now in its fifth year, offering courses, talks and discussions in English and Hungarian. In the spirit of home office, the event itself is now a home conference, with online lectures, workshops, interactive events, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities available – all from the screen of your laptop. Participants will be able to ask questions, connect with industry professionals, network and access learning materials during the two days of the event.

The nearly 150 programmes are categorised into six thematic routes, covering topics such as business development, online commerce, branding, legal and financial information, investment foundations, content management and, of course, fundamentals of working online. The conference also has more tech-y curriculums available, such as talks on AI, robots, automation, crypto-currencies and programming.

Among others, participating partners include Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Liligo, EIT Health, Bitrise, Turbine, Formlabs, Contentful, Ipon, Greenhouse, Nordic LA, Easy Equities, Hoxton Ventures, Pollenity, Chronosphere, Zoom, Airtame and Blockpit. Sponsors include Microsoft, MVM, Morgan Stanley, SAP, Szellemi Tulajdon Nemzeti Hivatala and Google.

The themes:
• AI / Machine Learning by Microsoft
• Corporates <3 Startups by MVM>• Craft it, Build it, Transform it by Morgan Stanley
• Help the World Run Better by SAP
• Ideas and Policy by HIPO
• Remote Journey by Grow with Google

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Budapest Startup Safari