The central squares of Vörösmarty tér and Deák tér, the Danube embankment and other parts of Budapest have been brought back to life with colours and strange creatures thanks to a fun-packed project created by design magazine Hype and Hyper.

Design and lifestyle magazine Hype and Hyper focuses on urban life and innovation. Now they have reached out to Hungarian creatives and graphic designers to bring our empty city to life again with their own visual worlds and amazing creatures. The results appear on these photographs by Bertalan Soós, and the full range can be seen here.

The material is not without humour, either – such as in the image of an old lady battling with a pigeon. ‘The city’s mine at last!’ says the pigeon, to which the feisty granny replies, ‘It’s only 11 o’clock, wait in line!’, a reference to pensioners being allowed to shop unhindered at certain hours of the day.