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Sip creamy coffee amid an outdoorsy mood at Budapest’s Flat White


24/04/2017 9.22am

We have to admit that District III’s Kolosy Square is not bustling with specialty cafés and breakfast spots, but a little while ago a promising new hangout – Flat White – popped up here. This cool café welcomes everyone with tasty energy boosters starting early in the morning, and we tried the place only five days after the opening. We ate French toast with a spoon out of a muffin tray, sat on a swing above the astroturf floor, munched on a tasty gluten-free brownie, and drank light-roasted coffee with a pretty pattern draw into the rice-milk foam.

It is not easy to sneak something new into “new-wave” when it comes to coffee, as there are already quite a few modern specialty cafés around Budapest. But what happens when a team of experts – who also happen to be friends – comes together and decides to make the most out of their hangout? Here’s how it goes at Flat White: most of the owners can be found behind the counter; one of them learned the profession’s tips and tricks, from hospitality through the love of coffee, at Villa Bagatelle, while another previously worked as a mixer in Tokyo, and the others are responsible for the design and for the homemade cakes.

Sip creamy coffee amid an outdoorsy mood at Budapest’s Flat White

Photo: Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest

An advantage of the venue is that the windows are huge and let a lot of sunshine inside almost all day, while a truly spacious terrace further enhances the outdoorsy atmosphere. The color green and wooden surfaces dominate the design, as the floor is covered with astroturf, while the tables and the trays are made of wood. Some of the seats inside are swings, and our four-legged friends can always come along with us to Flat White. Furthermore, the friendly staff – who wears the aprons of Kötény Maufaktúra – is truly talented.

All in all, the design is great, but perhaps it would not inspire everyone to sit here for hours if the breakfast meals weren’t nice. Fortunately there is nothing to be worried about here, as the selection matches our first impressions: the meals and drinks are fresh, pretty, and well-thought-out, but for this reason, they are also a bit pricey. The menu features various breakfast meals as well (most of them available in gluten- and lactose-free versions) that we can order from early in the morning until 4pm. The selection boasts egg-based dishes, hot sandwiches made with homemade bread, rethought French toast, salads, breakfast burgers, and waffles, but we can also order oatmeal with coconut milk, cup creams, and pieces of assorted cakes that change daily.

Sip creamy coffee amid an outdoorsy mood at Budapest’s Flat White

Photo: Hartyányi Norbert - We Love Budapest

We started the day with French toast (1,190 HUF) which surprisingly is not fried in oil, as after the ingredients are mixed together, they put the dough in a muffin tray, and bake it in the oven. Afterwards, they top it with sour cream and add a savory roasted-bacon slice. Flat White’s other specialty is the breakfast burger (1,490 HUF), which is a homemade bun filled with a fried egg with a runny yolk. It is perfectly paired with paper-thin sweet potato chips that are made in a fruit-drying machine.

And since we are already talking about high-tech machines, we have to mention the cold-press juicer that creates ingredients for the flavorful smoothies, and the alternative milks (almond, rice, coconut) that are also homemade here. Therefore, the rice milk can be so creamy that they can easily draw something sweet in its foam. The java beans come from 42 Coffee, which created a permanent blend especially for Flat White: it is 80% Brazilian, and 20% Salvadorian coffee. This is their “black blend”, but there is another option named white blend”, which is made of the freshest (still green) coffee beans, hence, its origin and consistency constantly change. We recommend the latter blend for lovers of citrus flavors, but whichever type we choose, it is highly unlikely that we will regret our choice at Flat White.

Flat White

Address: Budapest 1037, Szépvölgyi út 15
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 7am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday: 8am-6pm

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