With its attractive architecture, striking landmarks, and elaborate statues, the Hungarian capital boasts many fascinating features that attract an ever-growing number of visitors to town. While numerous photos and videos portray everyday Budapest scenes, many intriguing small details remain unnoticed just above or below our line of sight. Now, a new mini-movie shot in the Magyar metropolis provides close-ups view of Budapest’s curvaceous lampposts, ornate windows, decorative balconies, blooming trees, and redesigned public spaces, to emphasize the city’s oft-overlooked marvels.

The three-minute film presents some of Budapest’s top attractions, including historic buildings and renowned landmarks, but from a whole new perspective, focusing on elements that often remain unnoticed, like the intriguing sculptures mounted on building facades, high-rising rooftops, slender spires, colorful building entryways, or the city’s windows and balconies that span various architectural styles. The new Budapest Details video draws viewers’ attention to certain particulars that we rarely focus on, like sinuous streetlights that tower above the urban lanes, the multihued roof tiles atop Art Nouveau edifices, the 120-year-old Millennium Underground and its stations’ distinctive metro-tile decorations, or the Buda Castle’s old wooden gateways displayed from different angles, with the edits all set in sync with playful music by British composer Benjamin Britten. How many of the details in this video do you recognize?