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Soothe your soul and sweet tooth at Budapest’s DesszertTerápia

Specializing in serving customers with food allergies and alternative dietary needs, DesszertTerápia is a delightful spot for therapeutic treats. As one of the city’s healthiest confectioneries, this fresh cake shop opened in December in the heart of downtown Pest, and their selection usually includes 20 kinds of baked cakes and about five kinds of raw vegan cakes, so it’s nearly impossible for someone not to find a slice that suits their taste (and diet). We also tried some of their other sweet treats.

Those with food allergies and alternative dietary needs face more difficulty when craving something sweet, since except for a few specialized places, finding delicious and healthy sweets can be rather difficult. DesszertTerápia (“DessertTherapy”) would like to offer a solution to this problem with a cake shop located in the city center, easily accessible from anywhere.

The idea arose not because of personal involvement, but because of the open niche in the market, and was realized as part of a family business, much to the delight of nearby residents.

The confectionery usually has 25 kinds of cakes, among which five or six are rawvegan (and thus also paleo), while the rest are allergen-free and gluten-free. Slices cost 600-800 forints apiece – just about the upper limit of what we like to spend on a sweet, but for those who could eat no cake otherwise, the price should not be a problem.

We tasted almost everything in their selection, and came to the following conclusion: most of the cakes are very tasty, and those of us who live “everything-free” wolfed down the sweets like there’s no tomorrow. However, those who are used to the treats of regular confectioneries may feel that there is something “missing” from all of the cakes, and might ultimately decide to stick with normal cakes. Naturally, this doesn’t take away from these sweets’ value – it just shows that even DesszertTerápia can’t please everyone.

In addition to cakes, DesszertTerápia puts great emphasis on community building, so they started organizing lectures and talks (in Hungarian only), for which the unusually large site of the shop is perfect. However, this spaciousness also makes this a fine place to meet friends with restrictive diets for intimate chats, as well.

Budapest 1052, Városház Street 16

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